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Joesph Raja

britney spears sex tape,britney spears sex tape,

Not That Innocent!

Britney Spears 'Mortified' Over Raunchy Sex Tape Leak
This video might just be her hottest performance ever!
chris pratt guardians of the galaxy

Show Me The Money!

Chris Pratt Demands Multi-Million-Dollar Raise For Next 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'
An insider says the actor is 'playing hardball' with producers!
brad pitt hobbies

Back To Basics

Angelina Detox! Insider Brad's Surprising New Life As A Single Man!
Pitt turns to old hobbies to get over Jolie.
kim kardashian robbery


Kim Kardashian Recalls Paris Disturbing Nightmare!
'They’re going to shoot me in the head' the reality star on the incidend.
ben affleck rehab

Too Little Too Late!

Regardless Of His Progress, Jennifer Garner Is Done With Ben Affleck!
The inside scoop on the actor and his rehab stint.
selena gomez the weekend romance

Forbidden Love?

Whose Blessing is Selena Gomez Waiting On While Dating The Weekend?
'She’ll lead him down a bad path' a source on the couple.
michael strahan good morning america

Wait It Out!

Does Michael Strahan Have A Future At Good Morning America?
The inside scoop on the former football player's tenure at GMA.
joshua jackson mystery woman

On To The Next One!

Joshua Jackson & Mystery Woman All Over Each Other In NYC!
'They kept leaning over the table to kiss' an onlooker on the actor.

Not So Guilty!

Andrew Garfield Isn't Afraid To Admit What His Favorite TV Show Is!
'The greatest show on TV' the oscar nominated actor on The Bachelor.
bruno mars jessica caban pregnancy

Baby Bombshell!

Secret's Out? Are Bruno Mars & Jessica Caban Expecting?
The inside scoop on a social media post hinting at some pregnancy news.
kourtney kardashian justin bieber romance.kourtney kardashian justin bieber romance.

Secret Lovers!

Kourtney Kardashian & Justin Bieber Sneak Off To Secret Sex Cabin!
'Meet up once or twice a week' a source on the reality star and singer.
madonna adoption

Material Mom!

Will The Newest Additions To The Madonna Family Be The Last?
The scoop on the singer taking on duties as a super mom.
alec baldwin boss baby


Alec Baldwin Finds An Annoying, & Literal Way To Cool Down!
'Really disruptive' a source on the actor on set for his movie, The Boss Baby.
ryan reynolds blake lively kids

Family Matters!

Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively Take Their Kids Out In Public To Celebrate!
The inside scoop on the actor and actress' family.
angelina jolie kids

Family First!

Angelina Jolie Is Trying To Do Her Best Parenting Amidst Family Turmoil!
'Angie’s very worried about her' a source on the actress and her daughter Viv.
elton john musicelton john music

Fuse Burnt Out!

Is Elton John Getting Desperate To Make Another No. 1 Hit?
The inside scoop on the singers take on the modern music culture.
emma watson fans

Paranoid Much?

Emma Watson Not Taking Any Chances With Stalkers!
'I just can’t give that tracking data' the actress on why she doesn't take selfies.
ryan gosling eva mendes affair


'Humiliated' Did Eva Mendes Two-Time Ryan Gosling?
'He’s ready to throw in the towel' a source on the La La Land star's relationship.
lindsay lohan career.

Call It A Comeback!

Could A 'Mean Girls' Reboot Revive Lindsay Lohan's Career?
The inside scoop on the actress possibly reprising her famous role.
jennifer lopez legs

Message Received!

At Least One Person Is Tired Of Seeing Jennifer Lopez' Legs!
'You should wear pants more' the singer's son on his moms outfits.