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Celebrity: Anna Nicole Smith

Howard K. Stern Pleads Not Guilty
More than two years after Anna Nicole Smith passed away from an accidental overdose of prescription drugs, her lawyer and former boyfriend Howard K. Stern is still wrapped up in a case involving her death.   Stern and two of Anna’s doctors, Khristine Eroshevich and Dr. Sandeep Kapoor pleaded not guilty today in Los Angeles Read More
Howard K. Stern To Plead Not Guilty, Reports
Anna Nicole Smith’s former boyfriend/lawyer is planning to flat-out deny that he gave her drugs illegally when he appears in court today, according to reports. TMZ says that Howard K. Stern is so adamant that he had nothing to do with supplying the prescription meds that she OD’d on that he’s refusing to bargain with Read More
Anna Nicole Case to Reopen?
More than two years after Anna Nicole Smith passed away in Florida in what was rueld an accidental drug overdose, prosecutors in the case are looking into her death once again, the Associated Press reports.   New evidence in the indictment of Howard K. Stern and two of Anna’s doctors, who are charged with conspiring Read More
Did Howard Drug Anna?
When Howard K. Stern goes to court on charges of providing drugs to an addicted Anna Nicole Smith — who died from an accidental overdose at 39 in 2007 — he will also come face-to-face with her friend Bobby Trendy. “I will be sitting in the front row of the courtroom,” Bobby, 29 — who Read More
Anna Nicole Smith Doc Behind Bars
One of the doctors who allegedly prescribed Anna Nicole Smith with meds is now behind bars, TMZ is reporting.   Dr. Khristine Eroshevich, a psychiatrist who is being accused of conspiring to pump Anna Nicole full of illegal prescription drugs, was booked at Van Nuys Jail in California at 11:11 a.m. PST.   Like Howard Read More
Howard K. Stern Plans to Fight Charges
UPDATE:   Sandi Gibbons, spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Distric Attorney’s office tells OK!: “If convicted each defendant faces a possible maximum sentence of five years and eight months in state prison. However, a judge has the complete discretion in sentencing. It could range anywhere from probation to jail to prison. We are not Read More
Howard K. Stern in Trouble with the Authorities
We (and probably you) thought we’d heard the last of Howard K. Stern. But alas, on Thursday night, the former lawyer and lover to the late Anna Nicole Smith is expected to turn himself in–along with two other doctors–for allegedly conspiring to fuel an addict (Smith) with prescription drugs. TMZ is reporting that Stern, Dr. Read More
Anna Nicole Smith Descends on Britain's Royal Opera
Britain’s Royal Opera House has dropped a blonde bombshell on the world of theater! According to E! News, the opera house plans to develop an opera based on the life of Anna Nicole Smith. "It’s not going to be a horrible, sleazy evening," Elaine Padmore, director of opera at London’s Convent Garden, where the show Read More
Anna Nicole Smith Doc's Office Raided
Although Anna Nicole Smith has been gone for two years, the investigation into those involved with her death continues. TMZ reports that DEA authorities have raided the office of Dr. Sandeep Kapoor, who prescribed methadone to the late star when she was 8 months pregnant.   The California Medical Board got a warrant to search Read More
While You Were Sleeping
Brooke Mueller really wants to have a baby — and she’s not shy about it. Charlie Sheen’s fiancée recently visited her husband-to-be on the set of a Hanes commercial he was filming and took a couple of pregnancy tests while in his trailer, reports Page Six. According to a source, "She would throw them out Read More
Pam Anderson Returns to TV
Pamela Anderson is set to star in a new summer reality series, tentatively titled Pamela, on E!, the cable net announced Monday. Following in the footsteps of Anna Nicole Smith, Pam will be the channel’s newest buxom blonde to give fans and viewers a peep inside her roller-coaster life. "Pamela Anderson is one of the Read More
Daniel Smith Died From Accidental Overdose
Daniel Smith’s death has been ruled an accidental overdose, a jury announced on Monday, officially ending a four-month inquest into what caused his passing. The seven-member Bahamian jury, which deliberated over the inquest for two hours, also recommended that no criminal charges be filed. Daniel, Anna Nicole’s son from her first marriage, passed away on Read More
Daniel Smith's Death Cannot Be Ruled a Homicide
The death of Daniel Smith, Anna Nicole‘s son, cannot be ruled as a homicide, a Bahamian court announced on Thursday. A court magistrate in the inquest would only be able to list the cause of death as either an accident, "misadventure," "non-dependent drug use" or "open verdict." No one involved in the case had suggested Read More
Howard K. Stern: "I Never Gave Daniel Drugs"
Howard K. Stern, the lawyer and confidante to the late Anna Nicole Smith testified on Tuesday that he was unaware that the playmate’s son, Daniel, was taking prescription medication — including Methadone. Stern gave his testimony today as part of the ongoing inquest into Daniel’s death. The 20-year-old died on Sept.r 10, 2006, three days Read More
Larry Birkhead: Daniel Did Drugs
In a shocking testimony in an inquest into the death of Daniel Smith, Anna Nicole‘s son, Larry Birkhead testified to the court that the late 20-year-old was a frequent drug abuser. According to Larry, Daniel and his friends stole methadone from Anna Nicole in April 2006, which the former Playmate discovered after watching her surveillance Read More
Rumor Mill: Did Ashton Steal His Show From Anna Nicole?
E! seems to be trying to clear up any rumors that it’s newest show Pop Fiction wasn’t an original idea from professional pranker Ashton Kutcher, but that it was, in fact, stolen from none other than,, Anna Nicole Smith. It’s been reported that over three years ago, Anna Nicole and her crew, including Howard K. Read More
Dannielynn Named Sole Heir to Anna Nicole's Estate
Eighteen-month-old Dannielynn Birkhead has officially been declared the sole heir to late mother Anna Nicole Smith‘s fortune, a Los Angeles judge ruled Tuesday. The decision came five months after Howard K. Stern, executor of Anna Nicole’s estate, filed papers asking the court to name the tot as the lone heiress, thus clarifying Anna’s 2001 will, Read More
Larry Birkhead Pacified!
Larry Birkhead may not be a movie star, but that didn’t stop the father of Anna Nicole Smith‘s baby girl Dannielynn Birkhead from popping into the gifting room at the recent Night of 100 Stars party at the Beverly Hills Hotel. But Larry wasn’t thinking only of himself when he sidled up to the folks Read More
Dannielynn Has Corrective Eye Surgery
Dannielynn Hope, the daughter of the late Anna Nicole Smith and Larry Birkhead, successfully underwent surgery to treat an eye condition known as Strabismus. ET confirmed the news on Tuesday, and Larry said, “Dannielynn is home from surgery and resting comfortably.” Contrary to false reports, no cameras were present during the surgery.   Dannielynn was Read More
Larry Teams With Habitat for Humanity
Larry Birkhead‘s 2008 is filling up at a rapid pace. He just returned from the Bahamas with his daughter Dannielynn, where the two commemorated the death of Anna Nicole Smith — (check out the latest issue of OK! for the exlusive photos and interview!). Now, the 35-year-old single dad is going to be helping out Read More