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Celebrity: Buffi Jashanmal

Life After 'Project Runway': Buffi Jashanmal Talks Part 1 of Season 10's Finale
I have to say I have quite the fashion crush on Dmitry Sholokhov right now, all cool and confident, yow-zer! What is giving him all this sex appeal right now is the way he is so sure about this woman he is dressing, you can really see his vision of a strong powerful woman. It Read More
Life After 'Project Runway': Buffi Jashanmal Talks the Avant-Garde Challenge and Predi...
I can’t say I envy them, what I can say is BIG UP RESPECT to all of them that made it that far.  It takes endurance, talent and a hell of a lot of coffee to make it that far.  I'm more than happy to get KO’d so early, everyone looks tired and pretty beat Read More
Life After 'Project Runway': Buffi Bowie
Buffi Bowie* *If you have not seen Zoolander.. this might not make much sense.   I am hoping David Bowie was not at the BBQ Films screening of Zoolander this past weekend.  It is pretty unlikely, but just in case I really hope he was not there. I don’t claim to be much of an Read More
Life After 'Project Runway': Visiting Joy Behar with Christopher Palu and Avoiding Und...
“I can’t afford to buy you a drink…” he said as though he was one of the Sharks from Shark Tank, with a grin that implied what was to come next would be the best offer in the world. “So why don’t you come to my place where drinks are free?” He continued with the super Read More
Life After 'Project Runway': FLU. Right?
Not just me, I know it. Everyone has got that season-changing cold, although I am blaming Fashion Week and the redic. air-con action which is the reason I was fighting flu like a crazy person. I have drunk 18 squeezed lemons this week in my virgin Hot-Toddys, which would not do my mother proud. She Read More
Life After 'Project Runway': Hey, Ho, Let's Go, Hey, Ho, FNO!
Wow! What an exciting week! I think I was most excited about the big fat kiss I managed to plant on Tim Gunn's unsuspecting cheek! Oh, and meeting Bert [Keeter], past PR contestant and all round cheeky Twitter-er, who likes to pull my leg about my influence on “Street Fashion” — nothing but flattered, though Read More
Life After 'Project Runway': Life After Project Run(a)way(s)
I'm still fuming over Ven! Unbelievable. But I will stop venting, hehe, sorry, I really wanted to get that in. What did everyone think about this week’s show? I was a little bit bored by the challenge to be honest. Someone tweeted that “Buffi would be glad she was not in this challenge” — whoever Read More
Life After 'Project Runway': Playing Handsy With Justin Long, Planning Bondage Sewing ...
Holy crap in a pita bread, what the F is wrong with Ven? I feel so mislead. He puts on this nice, quiet, bald guy act, and bam, it's all BS! Dude, that guy is heartless, insensitive and down right cruel. It was almost like he went out of his way to make his client Read More
Life After 'Project Runway': Intro to Buffi Jashanmal's Weekly Blog
I got booted last week, which kinda sucked, right? Fine, I might have not been the best designer on the show, Nina Garcia didn't want me in Marie Claire, Heidi Klum didn't want to wear me, and Michael Kors needed sunglasses to look at my designs. What evz. No such thing as bad press right?! Read More