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Celebrity: Conan O 'Brien

Why Adam Brody Refers To Sex Scenes With Co-Star Kristen Bell as "Threesomes"
Kristen Bell is here to set the record straight—being a pregnant actress is not all it’s cracked up to be! WATCH: Joseph Gordon Levitt Breaks Shatters Conan’s Glass Table While making the talk show rounds to promote her hit Showtime dramedy House of Lies, the 33 year-old mom (she gave birth to daughter Lincoln last spring) Read More
Liam Hemsworth
Late Night Booty Call: We're Thankful For The Antics Of These Hot Guys
With Thanksgiving less than a week away, let’s just take a moment to feel super thankful that these guys not only exist, but that they were invited on the late night talk show couches this week to share these sweet, sexy and silly stories. Let’s get a little frisky with these hotties for this week’s Read More
OK! Old School: Did You Know Emmy Winner Tony Hale Was on Dawson's Creek?
Asking James Van Der Beek to “take it off” is a phrase you would expect to come out of the mouth of someone who is eager to see his muscular core. Bet you didn’t know that Emmy winner Tony Hale once gave that helpful suggestion to the famous Dawson’s Creek hottie. According to Tony, James had Read More
Tweet Repeat: Justin Bieber Films Funny Or Die Segment, Conan O'Brien Celebrates 20 Ye...
Welcome to Tweet Repeat, your daily dose of the best celeb anecdotes found on Twitter. We’ve scoured the site looking for the funniest, weirdest, goofiest, deepest, craziest, sweetest, most intriguing thoughts of the day, from the most intriguing people on the internet. See what Zach Braff, Selena Gomez, Dax Shepard and more were up to in Read More
Ready, Set, Reddit: Friday, June 28th!
Here’s the best stuff on the front page of the internet today: I probably shouldn’t find this so funny, but.. [r/funny] SOMEONE isn’t a fan of the mall: [r/aww] Zach Galifianakis cracks up on Jimmy Kimmel Live [r/videos] Today’s Awesome AMA: “Weird” Al Yankovic! [r/iAmA] What is this, opposite day? [r/funny] Best way to get your cats on Read More
Kelsey Grammer Tells Conan O'Brien: I "Hadn't Had Sex For a Decade" With Ex Wife Camil...
Kelsey Grammer can't stop taking stabs at his ex wife Camille. OK! GALLERY: KELSEY GRAMMER & NEW WIFE KAYTE WALSH STEP OUT IN RAINY NYC Last night on Conan, the Boss star wanted to set the record straight about rumors that he had slept with his now wife Kayte Walsh the first night they met, Read More
'Hunger Games' Star Josh Hutcherson Explains Team Peeniss & Peetaphiles to Conan ...
Josh Hutcherson shared a few laughs with Conan O'Brien last night over some of the creative signs his Hunger Games fans have made to get his attention. It started small with messages of loyalty to his character saying "Team Peeta," but then they started to take a turn towards the inappropriate! OK! GALLERY: JOSH HUTCHERSON Read More
Liam Hemsworth on 'Hunger Games' Box Office Success: "It Did Pretty Good"
We love learning more about Liam Hemsworth! The Hunger Games Australian hottie visited Conan last night and chatted about fighting with his brothers growing up, his fear of squirrels and concerns for Hunger Games' success. OK! GALLERY: LIAM HEMSWORTH, AMANDLA STENBERG & ALEXANDER LUDWIG ATTEND HUNGER GAMES BOOK SIGNING Expectations were high that The Hunger Games film Read More
Gina Carano Talks 'Haywire' on 'Conan' & Explains How Cagefighting Is Like Sex
Haywire star Gina Carano may have no problem fighting men in her big-screen movie debut, but she admittedly had some nerves appearing on Conan last night. So how did Conan O'Brien help calm her nerves? He quickly changed the subject to sex! OK! GALLERY: BLAKE LIVELY SHINES AT THE HAYWIRE SCREENING IN NYC "You've said Read More
Ricky Gervais Has "Specific Targets" Planned for His Golden Globes 2012 Monologue
Will Ricky Gervais change his ways from last year's Golden Globes and not crack as many jokes? No. The comedian already has his opening monologue planned out! OK! GALLERY: STARS SURPRISE ON THE GOLDEN GLOBES RED CARPET “I have specific targets, but targets is a word I wouldn’t use — [they're] subjects,” Ricky told reporters Read More
'American Idol' Alum James Durbin's Gift to Conan O'Brien: A Conan the Barbarian Carto...
James Durbin had a life-long dream come true last night when he performed on the Conan O'Brien show. A day he had always been waiting for. "That’s the one show I wanted to perform on. I got to play with the house band on Leno. I got to sing with Randy Jackson and Jimmy Fallon. I got Read More
David Cross Stereotypes 'Jewish' 'Alvin and the Chipmunks' Producer on 'Conan'
He's said it before and he'll say it again: David Cross really hated working on the Chipmunks movies. But in a new interview with Conan O'Brien, the actor/comedian went a little too far in saying just how much he hated his experience with the franchise. OK! GALLERY: THE KARDASHIANS HEAD TO THE MOVIES TO SEE THE Read More