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Celebrity: Conor Maynard

Most Underrated Songs of 2013Most Underrated Songs of 2013
Listen to a Playlist of OK!’s Most Underrated Songs of 2013
This was a jam-packed year in music. Get it? Packed with a lot of jams? There was a ton of new music to fill up our earholes and just when we least expected it, Beyonce dropped a whole new album …
Find Out What Food in the US Labrinth Can't Get Enough Of!
A lot of countries are known for their specialties. Who doesn’t want some pasta in Italy, some sushi in Japan and in the US? It’s all about the Five Guys burger, according to Labrinth! Photos: Take a look at …
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Gym Jams! Exercise to the Beat of Justin Timberlake, Bieber, and Other Hot Solo S...
When you listen to this playlist, you'll forget all about scoping cute guys out at the gym. The guys pumping iron over at the dumbbell station don't have a chance compared to these male solo singers! And unfortunately, by solo, …
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Conor Maynard Reveals the Thing YOU Can Do to Get His Attention!
  Attention all Mayniacs: if you’re wondering how you could get Conor Maynard to notice you (and we know you are) you MUST watch this video! OK! caught up with Conor at his recent New York City concert at …
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Conor Maynard Contrasts His Favorite Things—Including One Direction Members!
  OK! caught up with British pop star Conor Maynard at his show at The Studio at Webster Hall in New York City. To celebrate the release of his new album Contrast we asked him to contrast a …