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Alex Pettyfer and Jimmy KimmelAlex Pettyfer and Jimmy Kimmel
Late Night Booty Call: Sometimes Hot Actors Make Mistakes Too!
Whether you have a real life Valentine or not, here are a few hunky men ready to steal your heart. And don’t worry—they’re human just like the rest of us. Well, except for that whole RoboCop thing. This week on the late night couches, these hot actors admitted to a few very humbling mistakes in Read More
Zac Efron on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Late Night Booty Call: Every Dude Wants to Be Matthew McConaughey
Alright alright, it’s about to get steamy in here! This week brought many hot gentleman to the late night couches and we’re getting real intimate with them in this week’s Late Night Booty Call. Many famous celebrity men had no problem revealing they want to be Matthew McConaughey. He’s sexy, he’s talented, he’s nominated for Read More
Prince on New Girl
Late Night Booty Call: Here's How You Talk To Celebrities, According to These Hot Acto...
In this week’s Late Night Booty Call, we learn a very important skill: how to talk to celebrities. And we learn it from the celebrities themselves! See some of the hottest guys who appeared on the late night couches this week explain the way they handle talking to  celebs, and the way they would like Read More
Mark Wahlberg and Craig Ferguson
Late Night Booty Call: Mark Wahlberg Has Words for Justin Bieber and One Direction
New year, new booty calls. 2014 is off to a pretty sexy start with the help of these fellas that stopped by the late night couches this week. Some showed their sensitive side, some got aggressive and some just kept it weird. Let’s hook up with the hottest guys on late night this week. Mark Read More
Mark-Paul Gosselaar on The Pete Holmes Show
Late Night Booty Call: Now That's A Group of Sharp Lookin' Men!
Your eyes are in for a treat this week ladies. While there’s always a nice selection of gentlemen in Late Night Booty Call, this week’s are on another level. Some of the finest male specimens stopped by the late night shows and we’re hooking up with them all right here. Let’s jump in, shall we? Read More
Benedict Cumberbatch with Jimmy KimmelBenedict Cumberbatch with Jimmy Kimmel
Late Night Booty Call: Boy, Was it a Flirty Week For Late Night Shows!
Why yes, I am blushing, now that you mention it. It’s just because this week was extra flirty on the late night talk shows and luckily all the best moments are gathered right here for another Late Night Booty Call. See why there was winking and silly stories and also R. Kelly happening on the Read More
Will Arnett on Conan
Late Night Booty Call: There's No Concealing These Hot Bodies
After a week that included the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, you’d think the ladies would be body conscious but no. Dudes can’t stop talking about (and showing off!) their muscles and um, other parts too. Lookin’ at you, Lauer. Let’s get our eyeballs on some of the best bodies of the week that graced the Read More
Michael Fassbender on Letterman
Late Night Booty Call: These Hotties Have Some Strange Hobbies
There is no denying it is ALL going down late at night. Maybe you heard about a little appearance Kanye West made this week? Plus Tom Hanks was sharing all kinds of info and yes, we can’t stop singing that Miley song. But here are a few guys that we were happy to see from Read More
Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake
Late Night Booty Call: Let's Do a Celebration Dance That The Weekend's Here!
The late night shows were back in action this week and packed with all of the finest men Hollywood has to offer. So it is definitely time for a little hookup on Late Night Booty Call. I’m so excited about it, I might celebrate with an End Zone Dance, just like Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Read More
Matt Damon
Late Night Booty Call: Matt Damon's Mankini, Jason Sudeikis Smells Bad, and Jimmy...
Dear guys: when us ladies say we want a guy with a sense of humor we mean it. Because the guys on late night TV this week were both hunky and hilarious. In this week’s Late Night Booty Call, we party with Jimmy Fallon and Derek Jeter, hear Matt Damon say the word “mankini” and Read More
Hugh JackmanHugh Jackman
Late Night Booty Call: Hugh Jackman Lets It All Hang Out and Threatens Andy Samberg
You know those guys you don’t really hook up with for a while and then you do again and you think to yourself, “Wait, why did I ever stop?” That pretty much sums up this week on late night TV. Welcome to another Late Night Booty Call. This week was the unofficial favorite former Saturday Read More
Nick Cannon and Jimmy Fallon
Late Night Booty Call: Nick Cannon's Sexy Dance, Ryan Reynolds Gets Wet and Jon Hamm i...
It’s been 100 degrees outside every day this week and it only got hotter at night! Welcome to Late Night Booty Call where we hook up with all the hottest guys late at night while they’re charming us…and the late night talk show hosts. OK! News: The 5 best movies at Comic-Con This was an Read More
Late Night Booty Call: Zac Efron is Shirtless A Lot in His New Movie!
Ok, that's a lie. I've seen it and yes there's some skin but not enough. Never enough Efron. Before we all start daydreaming, welcome to Late Night Booty Call! This is when we hook up with our favorite guys… while they're on the late night TV shows and we're getting ready for bed. Photos: OMG Read More
'One Tree Hill' Star Sophia Bush Talks Girl-on-Girl Action with Craig Ferguson!
Sophia Bush is no stranger of kissing girls onscreen. The One Tree Hill star sat down with Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show and instead of discussing upcoming spoilers for tonight's season premiere of her hit CW show, Sophia decided to get Craig's take on a little girl-on-girl action!  OK! GALLERY: SOPHIA BUSH WOWS Read More
Chi McBride Slams Khloe Kardashian Odom by Comparing Her to "Frankenberry"
Chi McBride doesn’t seem to understand the appeal of the Kardashian family. The actor chatted with the host of The Late Late Show, Craig Ferguson, about some of the new contestants on season 13 of Dancing With the Stars, which led to a discussion about the Kardashian Krew, and his comic remarks may have been Read More
Craig Ferguson Comments on White Powder: "Ack!"
Craig Ferguson, host of The Late Late Show, has a situation on his hand that’s no laughing matter. Someone apparently sent an envelope to his show containing white powder and indicated it was anthrax. Needless to say it was quickly handed over to the cops!
Watch 'Brave' Teaser Trailer Featuring Pixar's First Female Lead!
Pixar is getting “brave” by finally featuring a female lead in their upcoming film, appropriately titled Brave.
Tina Fey Predicts Sex of Her Baby: "It's Going to Be a Werewolf"
Tina Fey stopped by The Late Late Show Monday to chat with host Craig Ferguson about her pregnancy and the leading man in her life.
Watch Hugh Laurie Win "Mouth Organ" From Craig Ferguson
Craig Ferguson likes to put his guests to the test to see if they have any skills (like he does) playing the harmonica and Hugh Laurie surprised him with his musical abilities!
Craig Ferguson Welcomes the Birth of His Baby Boy!
Craig Ferguson and his wife Megan have welcomed the birth of their son and they gave him a super cute name!