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Danielle Fishel Addresses 'Boy Meets World' Rumors, Including the One She and Ben Sava...
Happy Fishel Friday! We look forward to Fridays for many reasons, but chatting with Danielle Fishel is always at the top of the list. OK! News: All the Girl Meets World news you need In my recent Skype chat with Danielle, I asked her about some of the craziest rumors she's heard about herself and Read More
Prepare For 'Girl Meets World' With These 16 Amazing 'Boy Meets World' GIFS
We're HUGE fans of Boy Meets World here at, so naturally we're psyched for the upcoming Girl Meets World series. To prepare for the new show, we're taking a look back at 16 of our favorite moments from Cory, Shawn, Topanga and the gang. Check out the amazing GIFS below! Photos: Instagram Pics Of The 'Girl Meets World' Cast at Read More
Danielle Fishel Heard From Her Favorite Actor on Twitter—Find Out Who It Is!
Celebrities are people too! And that is best exemplified by how excited they get when hearing from their favorite stars on Twitter. OK! News: All the accessories you need for BFF day During my recent Skype chat with Danielle Fishel we talked about the celebs she has heard from on Twitter that made her drop Read More
Danielle Fishel Gives Us an Exclusive Update on the 'Girl Meets World' Cast!
In our recent Skype chat with Danielle Fishel, we had to ask what's on everyone's minds: what's the latest on Girl Meets World?! We cannot wait to finally get our eyeballs on this show when it starts on the Disney channel later this year. Photos: Celebs with their cute kids! Danielle shared a really cute Read More
Tweet Repeat: Seth Rogen on Texting, Brooklyn Decker Talks Pet Peeves and Jordin Spark...
Welcome to Tweet Repeat, your daily dose of the best celeb anecdotes found on Twitter. We've scoured the site looking for the funniest, weirdest, goofiest, deepest, craziest, sweetest, most intriguing thoughts of the day, from the most intriguing people on the planet internet. Today we found some pretty great tweets from stars like Seth Rogen, Danielle Read More
What's on Danielle Fishel's Wedding Registry?
It is a big year for Danielle Fishel and we are so excited to be along for the ride with her. She's got the upcoming Girl Meets World series, she's writing a book and she's getting married! Photos: The best celeb Instagrams of the week! Yes, later this year Topanga herself will be tying the Read More
The 'Boy Meets World' Secret You'll Never Believe!
Here at OK! we are huge Boy Meets World fans and thought we knew pretty much everything there is to know about the iconic series. Like, we can recite specific lines, from specific moments, from specific episodes. Big fans! OK! News: We met The Mother on How I Met Your Mother However, a new Tumblr Read More
What Do Chris Brown, Adele and Danielle Fishel Have in Common? Find Out!
If you guessed that Chris Brown, Adele and Danielle Fishel are all related because they're each probably celebrating Cinco De Mayo today, you might be right. And yes, it would be true too if you guessed that Adele and Danielle are related since they're both planning their weddings right now. But the real connection here? Read More
Happy Birthday Danielle Fishel! Here's Our 5 Favorite OK! Moments With Her
A big Happy Birthday goes out to one of our favorite people ever, Danielle Fishel! While her actual day of celebration is Sunday May 5th, we like to celebrate her all the time. Photos: Christina Hendricks has the best wardrobe Since we've had the pleasure of hanging with Danielle this year even while being on Read More
'Girl Meets World' Cast Shares Behind-the-Scenes Photos From the Set!
With the Boy Meets World spin-off right around the corner, fans are buzzing about Girl Meets World. Thanks to the cast's Instagram accounts, the world got a sneak peek of the new show this week!  Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage were joined on set by familiar faces including Will Friedle who played Eric Matthews and Read More
OK!'s Google+ Hangout Hub: The Deets on the Debby Ryan, Brandi Glanville and Danielle ...
Want to relieve all the magic that happened during OK! Google+ Hangout Week? Whether it was Disney's Debby Ryan filling all her fans in on her fave cupcake flavor, Danielle sharing some deets on Girl Meets World, or Brandi chatting about her best-selling page-turner, OK! loved every single minute of it.  Live it and love it again Read More
OK!'s Google+ Hangout Rewind: Danielle Fishel Gives 'Girl Meets World' Update
When OK! and Danielle Fishel chatted during the first ever OK! Google+ Hangout Week, Danielle was actually sitting in her dressing room on the Girl Meets World set.  The Google+ Hangout commenced, and we dove right into asking questions about this exciting new series. We found out that there is a lot to look forward Read More
OK!'s Google+ Hangout Rewind: Danielle Talks About 'Boy Meets World' Life Lessons
Mr. Feeny was all about giving good advice. The man was a genius who was jam-packed with valuable lessons to teach and quotes to share. Whether it was helping them with their studies or guiding them through relationship issues, Mr. Feeny knew what to say and do.  During the OK! Google+ Hangout, Danielle got to Read More
OK!'s Google+ Hangout Rewind: Danielle Fishel Talks About Her Beauty Routine
Danielle Fishel is one of those girls who always looks flawless. Her beauty shines inside and out! Like Rachel from Friends, Topanga's hair was the style to have. And with Girl Meets World in the works, her 'do is sure to make a strong comeback. Those voluminous locks were out of this world.  When the Read More
Best Celeb Instagram Pics of the Week: It's All About the Sepia Tone
Whether it's a French bulldog in a frog costume, a sunny seascape or a brand new pair of mustard-colored skinny jeans thrown jaunitly askew on their perfectly made California King Bed, celebs seriously know what they're doing when it comes to posting pics on Instagram (you can follow us too, by the way, @OKMagazine). Putting Read More
OK!'s Google+ Hangout Rewind: What Celeb Actors Did Danielle Fishel Hang With?
Celebrity child stars get to hang out with the coolest and hottest celebs. There for a while, Danielle Fishel was filming her Boy Meets World episodes with Larisa Oleynik, Marcia Cross and Adam Scott.  When she was younger, Danielle says the casts of Home Improvement, Boy Meets World hung out. Get this—they had PE together. Danielle says an Read More
OK!'s Google+ Hangout Rewind: Danielle Fishel's Favorite Reality TV Shows
Here at OK!, we are not ashamed to admit that we like to watch TV. Actually, we kind of love it. Between our Teen Mom coverage and Real Housewives obsession, watching TV is more of a hobby.  So when Danielle Fishel took a break on set of Girl Meets World and chatted with us in Read More
OK!'s Google+ Hangout Rewind: Danielle Fishel Says She Is a Zac Efron Fan
Wait, this is the second celeb this week that had admitted their fondness for the Hollywood hunk. During a different OK! Google+ Hangout, Brandi Glanville admitted having a little crush on him. We've said it before, ladies. This is not really a shocker. He's gorgeous.  Do you think the producers of Girl Meets World could Read More
OK!'s Google+ Hangout Rewind: Danielle Fishel Turned Ben Savage Into a Belieber
We know that Justin Bieber has fans all over the world, but it sounds like he's got a few of them on the set of Girl Meets World too! Watch: How is Danielle like her character Topanga? From our Google+ Hangout with Danielle Fishel, check out the video above to find out what her favorite Read More
OK!'s Google+ Hangout Rewind: Danielle Fishel on Her Fave Boy Meets World Episode and ...
No matter how awkward or how long ago it took place, the memory of your first kiss isn't hard to forget—although sometimes all we want to do is forget about it!  Danielle Fishel's is one that changed her life! Topanga's first kiss with her longtime boyfriend and then-husband was actually Danielle Fishel's first kiss EVER. Yes, Read More