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Alec Baldwin's Anti-Plane Posse: 10 Celebrities Kicked Off Planes
Anderson Cooper on Giggle Attack: 'I Giggle Like a 13-Year-Old Girl Meeting Justin Bie...
Anderson Cooper has addressed the giggle attack he had on the air last week, while discussing Gérard Depardieu‘s peeing on a plane incident, on his show Anderson Cooper 360°.
Gerard Depardieu Is 'Sorry' for Peeing on Plane, Report Says
Gerard Depardieu has yet to address the media firestorm he created by relieving himself on an airplane traveling from Paris to Dublin Tuesday night. But a recent report cites sources close to the French actor, claiming that he is sorry for how the events unfolded.
Watch Anderson Cooper Get a Case of the Giggles Over Gerard Depardieu Joke
Anderson Cooper got a bad case of the giggles on air last night on Anderson Cooper 360° when he was attempting to explain why Gerard Depardieu has been added to his “Ridiculist.”
Gerard Depardieu Relieves Himself In Front of Airplane Passengers
Want to be grossed out? After the cabin crew on an Air France flight refused to let passenger Gerard Depardieu use the bathroom, how shall we put this? The Green Card actor made a statement. Check that, a bold statement. He urinated on the plane right there in front of other passengers!
Watch Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell & Others Rock to Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin has quite a musical side. The Russian prime minister may have a tough stance on foreign policy, but he also has quite a docile side when it comes to the arts. Putin gave his best rendition of Fats Domino‘s classic “Blueberry Hill” for a larger audience at a charity event for cancer in Read More
Gerard Depardieu's Son Dies
French actor Gerard Depardieu lost his son today, 37-year-old actor Guillaume Depardieu, after the younger Depardieu entered the hospital Sunday.   Officials at Raymond-Poincare de Garches hospital in the suburb west of Paris said Guillaume was hospitalized on Sunday night with a sudden case of pneumonia, and died from complications, according to the Associated Press.  Read More