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Celebrity: Idris Elba

OK! Or OMG?!: Read Our Review of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom
This awards season is especially heavy. Many of the buzziest movies are relentlessly sad (12 Years a Slave), or frantically anxiety-inducing (Gravity). You may think that Nelson Mandela‘s death this week would lend too much melancholy to a viewing of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, but it’s just the opposite. As a celebration of his Read More
Liam Hemsworth
Late Night Booty Call: We're Thankful For The Antics Of These Hot Guys
With Thanksgiving less than a week away, let’s just take a moment to feel super thankful that these guys not only exist, but that they were invited on the late night talk show couches this week to share these sweet, sexy and silly stories. Let’s get a little frisky with these hotties for this week’s Read More
First Lady Of Film: Hillary Clinton Joins Colin Powell and John McCain For Bipartisan ...
Hollywood comes to the Beltway on Wednesday, when The Weinstein Company hosts a special bipartisan screening at the Kennedy Center for their upcoming release Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom. In a bipartisan effort, Hillary Clinton, John McCain and General Colin Powell will host the event in the center’s Eisenhower Theater. The film’s star Naomie Harris, Read More
VIDEO: Bravo-LUV-brities: 'RHOA' Star Kenya Moore Puts Her Foot Down: "No More Chasing...
When we caught up with Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore we had to ask about her dating situation. We all saw what happened with Walter! So we’re happy to hear that Kenya is in fact dating again. She talks about places to meet guys, being so vulnerable on TV and of course her Read More