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Dance Moms Recap: Should Jill Take a Chill Pill?
It takes a lot to steal the spotlight from Abby Lee Miller and the rest of the bickering Dance Moms, but this week, Jill did it! Kendall‘s mom has never been soft-spoken, but as the ALDC prepared for Nationals,  Jill went off the rails. First off, Jill has chutzpah, so her showing up at Melissa‘s house Read More
'Dance Moms' Summer Premiere Recap: Cry Me A River!
You know how there's no crying in baseball? Well, there's lots of tears in dancing! The waterworks were in full effect during the two hour summer premiere of Dance Moms. Abby Lee Miller and the ALDC team returned to the stage to take on the Candy Apples and there wasn't a dry eye in the Read More
'Dance Moms' Reunion: The 9 Biggest Insults Hurled In Part 2!
The conclusion of the Dance Moms reunion centered on "new moms" Kristie Ray and Jackie Lucia airing their grievances with the original cast members. But things took a nasty turn when rival dance teacher Cathy came out guns blazing in her quest to take down the Abby Lee Dance Company.  OK! News: 'Dance Moms' Reunion: Read More
'Dance Moms' Reunion: The 5 Biggest Arguments From Part 1
The first part of the Dance Moms reunion was surprisingly tame considering the ladies fight with each other — and dance teacher Abby Lee Miller — on a regular basis. Still, there were plenty of issues to hash out and we've got the details! OK! News: Watch the Most Insane 'Dance Moms' Moments from This Read More
Political Animals: Don't Mess With The Dance Moms‏!
It's the age old Dance Moms question: Who did better, Chloe or Maddie? The fierce competitors were pitted against each other by coach Abby Lee Miller with ballot-box voting by their peers and the moms this week. Spoiler alert: Maddie beat Chloe. OK! News: 'Dance Moms' Exclusive! OK! Chats With a Former Abby Lee Miller Read More
5 Burning Questions From This Week's 'Dance Moms'
This week's Dance Moms was all about the Jazz Hands. Abby Lee Miller brought in her pal Rachelle Rak, a Broadway vet, to guest choreograph the group dance. Rachelle, aka Sas, taught the girls some Bob Fosse-inspired moves without barking orders or insulting their intelligence. OK! News: When Dance Moms Live Tweet… 9 Of Their Read More
Dance Moms Recap: The 5 Most Cringe-Worthy Moments
Somewhere, Rosa Parks is rolling in her grave! Thanks to Abby Lee Miller and her theme dances, the civil rights activist got lots of buzz on this week's Dance Moms. Sure she was lumped in with girls dressed in skimpy Vegas showgirl costumes and the boys (from Cathy's Candy Apples studio) doing a Gangham style Read More
When Dance Moms Live Tweet... 9 Of Their Best One-Liners!
It was a double dose of Dance Moms this week and that meant two hours of live tweeting from Christi, Holly, Kelly, Jill and Melissa. Here's some of the best tweets of the night: @DanceMomJill22: "Be all you can be at the ALDC!" This week's military theme tied in well since the dance studio is Read More
'Dance Moms' Shocker: Is Abby's Mystery Man Gay? Plus: 5 More Burning Questions!
All's fair in love and war so it's no surprise the Dance Moms were happy to poke fun at their nemesis Abby Lee Miller as gushed about her secret boyfriend in this week's episode. While the dance coach was beaming, the team moms were quick to question if it was true love. OK! News: 'Dance Read More
'Dance Moms': About That Duet With Star-Student Maddie Ziegler and Underdog Kendall Ve...
Aside from the incident with Brooke Hyland being left off the pyramid and Sophia Lucia's top placement despite not being at rehearsal, the drama (and the heart) of this episode of Dance Moms came from "studio-hopper" Jill Vertes and her gorgeous, sweet daughter, Kendall.  Jill's been a little too quiet this season, right? So something Read More