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Video: Lindsay Lohan Has a New Baby Brother
There's one bright spot in Lindsay Lohan's chaotic life, and that's her new baby brother named Landon Major Lohan. Lindsay Lohan hasn't had a chance to see her new sibling in Florida; she's got her hands full trying to avoid jail time in Los Angeles. Could baby bro help her keep it simple and stay Read More
Michael Lohan Arrested Hours After Release From Prison & Tries to Run From the Po...
Michael Lohan is in deeper water than his daughter. Lindsay Lohan's father was arrested for the second time this week, just hours after his release from prison on battery and domestic violence charges. The Lohan family patriarch violated the terms of his release from jail by calling his ex Kate Major on the phone after Read More
Michael Lohan Arrested for Battery; Kate Major Claims She Was Beaten For Denying Him S...
Michael Lohan will have to stop worrying about daughter Lindsay Lohan's legal woes, because now he has to focus on his own. The patriarch was arrested in Tampa, Fla. early Tuesday for battery domestic violence against his on-again/off-again girlfriend Kate Major. Michael, 51, was first taken to St. Joseph's hospital after complaining of chest pains Read More
OK! EXCLUSIVE: Michael Lohan on Kate Major — "We Weren't Supposed to Be Engaged"
Michael Lohan is not looking to jump back in the dating game after his very public split with “fiancée” Kate Major. In fact, Michael tells OK! exclusively that he and Kate were never in a real relationship to begin with.
Michael Lohan: Kate Major Was "Heavily Intoxicated"
Michael Lohan is standing strong behind his story about the spat between him and fiancée Kate Major earlier this week — that could lead him behind bars! Michael told, he “never physically abused” Kate.
Michael Lohan Charged for Harassing Kate Major
Looks like Michael Lohan might be spending some time behind bars like daughter Lindsay Lohan. The patriarch of the Lohan family has been charged with second degree harassment for allegedly attacking fiancée Kate Major, TMZ reports.
Kate Major Claims Fiancé Michael Lohan Attacked Her
While Michael Lohan is focused on his incarcerated daughter Lindsay Lohan, his fiancée is busy turning him in to the feds. Kate Major allegedly filed a report claiming Michael physically attacked her during an altercation.
Lindsay Lohan Continues to Defend Her Partying Habits
Lindsay Lohan continues to defend her partying habits. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Lindsay opens up about how negative rumors effect her life, her partying and what special Mother’s Day plans she has in store for Dina Lohan. 
Lindsay Lohan Can't Handle Hollywood Hoopla
Lindsay Lohan sported a furrowed brow and short, shorts as she left a Hollywood nightclub last night looking very disoriented. Linds hit various West Hollywood hotspots, turning into a very late night out. She was reportedly spotted at the Trousdale lounge, the Tea Room and ended up at The Roosevelt.
Dina Lohan on Michael's Engagement: "A Marrige Made in Tabloid Heaven"
It didn’t take too long before Dina Lohan decided to share her thoughts on her ex-husband Michael Lohan‘s recent engagement to Kate Major saying, “It all sounds a bit incestuous to me.”
Michael Lohan on Baby With Kate Major: "We Practice Four Times a Night"
Michael Lohan officially announced his engagement to former tabloid reporter and Jon Gosslein‘s ex, Kate Major, and now he reveals the couple is planning to get pregnant.
Michael Lohan Engaged to Kate Major
Michael Lohan popped the question to his former best friend’s ex girlfriend, Kate Major, who previously was involved with Jon Gosselin.
Michael Lohan's Chest Pain Scare
After being taken to the hospital on Saturday night for chest pain, Michael Lohan is said to be back at home, but prepared to follow up with doctors in New York.
Michael Lohan on Lindsay: "My Daughter Needs Rehab for at Least 3 Months"
Michael Lohan is continuing public rants, now confessing (again) his concern for daughter Lindsay Lohan‘s health. Michael — with girlfriend Kate Major silently at his side — opened up to Radar Online about his heightened anxiety for his eldest daughter, who he feels should have never been allowed to leave court after her DUI trial.
Hailey Glassman Reveals Intimate Secrets on Jon Gosselin Relationship
Looks like Jon Gosselin‘s past relationships are coming back to haunt him. In an upcoming issue of Steppin’ Out magazine, Hailey Glassman — dressed in skimpy attire — opens up on her feelings of ex Jon, Kate Gosselin, Kate Major, rumors about her and stands up to all those who dislike her. Hailey’s tell-all also Read More
Kate Major Regrets Crossing Line with Jon Gosselin
Following her recent fling with dad-of-eight Jon Gosselin, former Star Magazine reporter Kate Major answers some much anticipated questions detailing her massive regrets of the affair with the not-so-liked TLC reality star and the lengths a journalist should and shouldn’t go to get a story.
Michael Lohan is Moving in with Kate Major
Lindsay Lohan‘s controversial father, Michael Lohan, is planning to shack up with his new girlfriend — Jon Gosselin‘s former flame, Kate Major.
PHOTOS: Michael Lohan Practices His Figure-8 with Kate Major
First it was matching tattoos and now figure skating together at Rockefeller Center — whatever it is that’s going on between former Jon Gosselin hangers-on Michael Lohan and Kate Major is the stuff of a sitcom romance montage. Next it will be Central Park carriage rides and kisses on top of the Empire State Building, Read More
Jon Gosselin Has a New Girlfriend for the New Year?
Now that Hailey Glassman has packed up and moved out of Jon Gosselin’s apartment/life, the father of eight is rumored to be courting a new woman. According to a new report by Hollywood Life, Jon is dating a 23-year-old named Morgan, whom he met while vacationing in Park City, Utah last month.
Michael Lohan and Kate Major Get Matching Tattoos
While Jon Gosselin battles with one of his ex-girlfriend’s, Hailey Glassman, the former TLC reality star’s other flame, Kate Major, seems to be getting pretty close to mutual friend Michael Lohan as the duo recently got similar tattoos according to new reports.