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Celebrity: kirk cameron

Kirk Cameron on His Anti-Gay Comments: "I'm a Bible-Believing Christian"
Kirk Cameron launched a heated debate after he made controversial anti-gay comments on Piers Morgan Tonight earlier this month. On the Today show this morning, Kirk explained that he was "surprised" by the reaction to his comments and explained that …
Kirk Cameron Says He's Been Slandered & Accused of "Hate Speech" Since Piers Morg...
Kirk Cameron has been making headlines since he appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight and shared his opinions on homosexuality and abortion — and not necessarily in a good way. Many disagree with the former Growing Pains actor's beliefs that homosexuality …
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Kirk Cameron Sounds Off to Piers Morgan on Anti-Gay Opinion; GLAAD Responds
Since discussing his anti-gay sentiments on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight on Friday, equal rights organization GLAAD has spoken out regarding actor Kirk Cameron’s statements. OK! NEWS: CELEBS TWEET WITH JOY OVER PROP 8 REPEAL "I think that it's …
Kirk Cameron's Real Growing Pains
Former Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron has done some real life growing recently-he gained 15 pounds to play a fireman for a new movie role.    The sitcom icon, who stars in the Christian-themed film Fireproof, premiering September 26, tells …