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Celebrity: Lauryn Hill

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OK! Old School: Happy September 9! The Best Moments From the 9/9/99 MTV VMAs
Every year on September 9, I do two things—wish one of my closest friends a happy bday (you know who you are—hi!), and then always remember that time in 1999 when the MTV Video Music Awards aired on 9/9/99. Considering …
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Lauryn Hill is Being Sent to Jail—Here's Why!
Yikes—it's not a good day for Lauryn Hill. The "Killing Me Softly" singer was sentenced to three months in federal prison for tax evasion starting July 8th, but that isn't all! After her three month stay in jail, she …
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Lauryn Hill Sentenced to Three Months in Jail
Singer Lauryn Hill is legendary for both her music and her inability to pay proper taxes, and unfortunately it's the latter infamy that has her in the news today. OK! News: Lauryn's not the only one! Fifteen celebs who …
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Lauryn Hill Claims Withdrawl From Society Resulted in Failure to Pay Taxes
We're not sure Uncle Sam sees not participating in society as an excuse to avoid paying taxes. Particularly if, while not participating in society, you make a million dollars. OK! NEWS: LAURYN HILL COULD FACE JAIL TIME FOR TAX …
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Lauryn Hill Could Face Jail Time for Tax Evasion
Someone forgot to educate Lauryn Hill on the importance of filing tax returns. OK! NEWS: LAURYN HILL GIVES BIRTH TO SIXTH CHILD, BUT WHO'S THE BABY DADDY? The singer, who's amassed a generous income of about 1.6 million, allegedly …