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Celebrity: michael phelps

Hot Shots! 10/21/08-11/02/08
2008's Most Influential Men
Michael Phelps' New Girlfriend!
Gold medalist Michael Phelps showed off a new trophy in his hometown of Baltimore the weekend of Oct. 2 — his girlfriend. And it sounds like the 14-time gold medalist is diving into this relationship head first! He even took …
Michael Phelps Flexes His Vocal Chords
These days celebrities can’t seem to just stick to one thing, they’ve got to try their hand at another craft: singing.   First Tony Romo hit the karaoke stage with Jessica Simpson, then Dennis Haskins, aka Mr. Belding …
Hot Shots! 9/15/08-9/21/08
Michael Phelps on SNL: I'm Confident
On Saturday night in front of a live TV audience, Olympic golden boy Michael Phelps will face a new trial, he has yet to conquer: hosting Saturday Night Live.   Many have gone before him, including one of his …
Michael Phelps: Gold-en Tan?
Olympic hero, Michael Phelps, 23, is as famous for rocking a Speedo as he is for winning 8 straight gold medals at the Beijing Olympics. But on Sept. 5, Phelps got himself one other thing: a fake tan! The …
OK! Liveblogs the VMAs!
11:13: King Kanye starts out solo on stage but is eventually joined by a multitude of sunglass-wearing drummers. A glowing heart on his gray suit beats in time to the music as he sings. A look at the audience reveals …
Bryan Clay: Phelps Isn't the Best Athlete in the World
Michael Phelps captured eight gold medals in the Beijing Olympics, breaking Mark Spitz’s record of seven in a single Summer Games. However, Bryan Clay claimed the gold medal in the grueling ten-event decathlon, earning him the title of "world’s best …
Michael Phelps to Host SNL Season Opener
In the bold tradition of attempting to turn famous athletes into sketch comedy stars, OK! has learned that Michael Phelps, who earned a record-breaking eight gold medals at the recently concluded Summer Olympics in Beijing, will be playing …
Hot Shots! 8/25/08-8/31/08
Because he too is a Michael Phelps fan. Today I recounted to the story of Superbowl 2006. It was the day before the big game and a bunch of my friends and and I as well as scores of celebs …
Michael Phelps: Superstar... Author?
Watch out, literary world, Michael Phelps is going for the gold in bookstores.   The owner of 14 gold medals and seven world records is planning to write a book about his historic journey from a single-parent household to becoming …
Michael Phelps: "I'm Not Dating Amanda Beard."
First, the good news: Michael Phelps is not dating Amanda Beard. The bad news: the Olympic powerhouse is staying mum when it comes to question of his love life.   The eight-time gold winner in the Beijing Olympics opened …
Michael Phelps' Gold Medal Playlist
With a record breaking 8 Olympic gold medals to his name, Michael Phelps has perhaps done for the sport of swimming what Tom Cruise did for pilots following the success of Top Gun! Images of 23-year-old Phelps zoning out …
Michael Phelps: America's Golden Boy
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