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Celebrity: rachael ray

Hot Shots! 2/23/09-3/19/09
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Hot Shots! 1/10/09-1/30/09
Hot Shots! 1/02/09-1/11/09
Hot Shots! 12/13/08-1/02/09
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Rachael Ray's Silent Christmas
Rachael Ray isn’t exactly the quiet type. So it sounds like this Christmas is going to be quite a shock for the TV chef. Last night she told OK! that she’s going to be temporarily silenced by throat surgery …
Hot Shots! 11/17/08-12/02/08
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Hot Shots! 11/03/08-11/17/08
Stars' Real Sizes Revealed!
Beth Stern's Magical Wedding
The former Ms. Ostrosky, Beth Stern, is getting used to her new name, although at first it sounded odd.   "I’m liking it," she said on Good Day New York this morning. "I think at first, I’m 36 years …
Rachael's Philanthropic Pup
Celebrities are picking up the paintbrush and adding a personal touch to the definition of giving back to the community – Rachael Ray, along with Vanessa Williams, Richard Gere and more, has hand-painted a life-size fiberglass dog to …
Rachael Ray Crashes Idol Auditions!
Rachael Ray took her show on the road recently, arriving at the NYC American Idol auditions  in a double-decker bus to bring lunch to the hard-working judges.   The bubbly TV personality had everyone singing a happy food tune in …
OK! Poll: New York's Most Stylish
Check out the nominees for the most stylish New Yorker’s! Readers will get a chance to vote on these 40 finalists by the end of today.   Log on Monday when we announce the final 20, and make sure to …
Hot Shots! 8/25/08-8/31/08
• Kate Beckinsale and hubby, director Len Wiseman, with their daughter, Lily, at new Santa Monica hot spot R+D Kitchen on Montana Ave.Seated a couple of tables away was director Ron Howard with his family. • Audrina Patridge in …
Hot Shots! 7/7/08-7/20/08
Rachael Ray Ad Yanked
Dunkin’ Donuts do coffee and baked goods, but aren’t so big on militant political activism.   So when one of their ads got them branded "terrorist sympathizers", they yanked it pretty quick. Web spots featuring TV chef Rachael Ray have …
Rachael Ray's Marriage Is Just Fine
Rachael Ray‘s rocker husband, John Cusimano is opening up about the recent rumors circulating that he and his wife are in the midst of marital hell. In an interview with Extra, Cusimano says, "It was like, ‘What?’ It’s …