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Celebrity: Rachel Oberlin

Bree Olson on Being One of Charlie Sheen's Goddesses: Natalie Kenly Cried Every Day
One of Charlie Sheen’s former goddesses, Bree Olson, is speaking out on the real reasons she left the 45-year-old actor behind. Bree (born Rachel Oberlin) and Natalie Kenly were both Charlie’s live-in lovers during his media bender. The 24-year-old porn star decided to leave of her own accord — and it wasn’t because she didn’t love Read More
Charlie Sheen Is "Powerhouse" in Bed Says Ex-Goddess Bree Olson
Bree Olson — born Rachel Oberlin — gets intimate in the August issue of Playboy magazine, giving her first full-blown interview (as well as an eight-page spread) since splitting from Charlie Sheen . The adult film star famously catapulted to superstardom as one of Charlie’s two “goddesses” and opens up about the 45-year-old actor’s bedroom Read More
Charlie Sheen Loses a Goddess: Rachel Oberlin Gets "Homesick" & Quits Tour
Charlie Sheen is short one goddess. Porn star Rachel Oberlin (aka Bree Olson) has quit her role as a member of Charlie’s entourage, leaving Natalie Kenly as the sole goddess on tour with the 45-year-old actor.
Sorry Charlie Sheen! Mila Kunis Reportedly "Grossed Out" By Goddess Request
Mila Kunis wants nothing to do with the Sheen Dream. The Black Swan reportedly cringed at Charlie Sheen’s public statement that he wanted to add her as his third goddess!
OK! Interview: Chatting It Up With Charlie Sheen "Goddess" Rachel Oberlin
Get ready everyone, Charlie Sheen’s about to hop on stage once again. This time he’s ditching scripted TV for his own self-promoted tour, heading out on the road April 2 in Detroit. Along for the ride will be Rachel Oberlin, aka Bree Olson, one of Sheen’s famed “goddesses” who tells OK! she’ll be by Charlie’s Read More
Charlie Sheen Reunites with Goddess Rachel Oberlin: "Told Ya' She'd Be Back"
After dealing with her DUI case in Fort Wayne, Ind., Charlie Sheen‘s goddess Rachel Oberlin has returned “home” to Sober Valley Lodge (Charlie’s name for his L.A. mansion). Rumors sparked that Charlie and Rach, aka porn star Bree Olson, had possibly split after she briefly moved out earlier this month, but the actor turned to Read More
Charlie Sheen Releasing Short Film 'Operation Greyhound' This Month
Charlie Sheen is once again ready to hit the living rooms of fans across America, and his triumphant return to the small screen is already underway. The 45-year-old actor, who was officially fired from the hit sitcom Two and a Half Men last week, is starring in a short film along with his goddesses and Read More
Charlie Sheen's Goddess, Rachel Oberlin, Gets 2-Day Trial for DUI Case
Rachel Oberlin, one of Charlie Sheen’s two “goddesses,” appeared in court today for a DUI case against her and requested to have a two-day trial.
Charlie Sheen's Goddess Natalie Kenly Gets Tattoo to Show her Love
Natalie Kenly, one of Charlie Sheen‘s 24-year-old goddesses, took her love to the next level. The former nanny/model wants to keep a piece of the Sheen Dream with her forever, proudly displaying her new tattoo — his John Hancock on her right foot.
Charlie Sheen on 'The Threesome Handbook' Update: "Wrote It in My Sleep"
Charlie Sheen an author? Not exactly. The 45-year-old actor has just finished reading The Threesome Handbook, by Vicki Vantoch, and has declared himself an expert on the art of ménage à trois on Twitter.
David Spade Slams Charlie Sheen's Goddesses
Watch out, Charlie Sheen. While Diddy may be in your corner, not every celeb is going to give you their “winning” approval right away. Fellow Comedian David Spade took to his Twitter today, with a not-so-nice comment about Charlie’s goddesses.
Charlie Sheen Sets Twitter Record: Reaches 1 Million Followers in 24 Hours
As everyone waits on the edge of their seats for his next outlandish “epic” quote, it may come as no surprise that Charlie Sheen reached 1 million Twitter followers in 24 hours, setting a new record for the social networking platform!
Charlie Sheen '20/20' Interview: Rachel Oberlin Says "I Would Love to Marry Charlie"
Charlie Sheen is enjoying his home life living with Rachel Oberlin, a porn star, and Natatlie Kenly, a graphic designer, so much that he’s even joking about marriage — a polygamous marriage.
See Charlie Sheen's "Winning" Twitpics: Oscars Here He Comes; Sports Babe Ruth Ring!
Charlie Sheen has been taking the Twitterverse by storm since he joined yesterday — to the delight of his 800,000 plus Twitter followers. His “Winning” Tweets are quite humorous, and the 45-year-old actor has set a new goal for himself — Oscar winner in 2012! Academy beware…
Charlie Sheen on Sleeping With Goddesses: "They Will Take a Separate Bed, Then I Have ...
Charlie Sheen has a lot to say, and it seem like the public can’t get enough of the 45-year-old actor’s “epic” sound bites. From “winning” to “choose your vice” to being on the “Charlie Sheen” drug, his quotes over the past week have been entertaining, to say the least. One of his most captivating interviews Read More
Charlie Sheen's First Tweet: Actor, With Help From Porn Goddess, Shares His Vice
Charlie Sheen continues on his media bender, finally posting his first Tweet (to the delight of his 180,000 plus followers) with some help from his porn star goddess, Rachel Oberlin (aka Bree Olson). So what did the chatty actor have to say? BONUS: He also included a Twitpic!
Charlie Sheen's Girlfriends: Where is Brooke Mueller in the Mix?
As Charlie Sheen continues to introduce his new goddesses — former nanny/model Natalie Kenly and porn star Rachel Oberlin (Bree Olsen) — where is Brooke Mueller? Reportedly, fighting for custody.
Rachel Oberlin: Porn Star Has Her "Own Relationship" With Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen reigned the morning talk show circuit today, to introduce his two goddesses, Rachel Oberlin and Natalie Kenly. Amid suspension from his job and a war of words with the producers of Two and a Half Men, Charlie remains focused on his family and his two 24-year-old girlfriends.
Charlie Sheen Goddesses: Meet "Natty" & "Rach" of Sober Valley Lodge
Charlie Sheen is continuing on his publicity tour, returning to the Today show to debut his two goddesses and housemates, Natalie Kenly (left) and Rachel Oberlin (center). As the production of his former hit series Two and a Half Men remains in limbo, the 45-year-old wayward actor is resting comfortably at his L.A. mansion (which Read More