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Celebrity: Robin Roberts

Watch Chris Brown Apologize for 'GMA' Outburst
Chris Brown is now apologizing for his outburst in the Good Morning America studio and trying to explain his actions two days after the incident.
Watch Robin Roberts Invite Chris Brown Back to 'GMA'
Even after Chris Brown stormed of their set and allegedly smashed a window after his interview with Robin Roberts, Good Morning America is extending an invitation to Chris to come back on the show!
Chris Brown Avoids Charges Post 'GMA' Incident: Did he Smash the Window?
Chris Brown may not be in any legal trouble after his Good Morning America meltdown yesterday. Reportedly, ABC will not press charges against the 22-year-old singer, who allegedly had an outburst after an interview with Robin Roberts, smashing a window in a fit of rage.
See Chris Brown's Alleged Smashed Window; Robin Roberts Continues Her Day With a Smile...
Chris Brown allegedly shattered his dressing room window during a violent outburst following a Good Morning America interview with Robin Roberts today at ABC studios in NYC… and there are photos of the damage. Chris reportedly flipped out after the interview, upset that he was asked questions relating to the February 2009 assault case involving Read More
Chris Brown's Deleted Tweet Post 'GMA' Uproar: We Praise Charlie Sheen for His Bull
Chris Brown seemed to be avoiding comment about his Good Morning America outburst today, focusing his Tweets on the release of his new album F.A.M.E. But during his moments of rage following his now infamous interview with Robin Roberts, in which she asked him about the 2009 assault case involving Rihanna, Chris did send an Read More
ABC Responds to Chris Brown Incident: "We Ask Questions That Are Relevant"
Robin Roberts has the full support of ABC News after her interview with Chris Brown on Good Morning America went wrong on Tuesday.
Chris Brown in Trouble With Police? ABC Called the Cops After Singer's Outburst, Repor...
Chris Brown may be in for some more legal woes. Reportedly, ABC staffers called the cops after the singer’s outburst earlier today on Good Morning America where he reportedly smashed a window after his live interview with Robin Roberts did not go how he planned.
Robin Roberts Tweets After Chris Brown's 'Good Morning America' Interview
Robin Roberts only joined Twitter yesterday and already she’s having to use it to speak out on the incident that occurred this morning after her interview with Chris Brown.
Chris Brown's 'Good Morning America' Interview Questions Were Pre-Approved
Chris Brown should not have been surprised that Robin Roberts asked about Rihanna. Reportedly, Robin asked the 22-year-old singer if she could include interview questions about the 2009 assault before they went live and he agreed.
Chris Brown & Kanye West Interview Outbursts: Who's to Blame? Interviewee or Inte...
Chris Brown stormed out of a Good Morning America interview today when he was asked a tough question about Rihanna. Kanye West recently experienced the same type of tough interview when he was asked about former President George Bush and Taylor Swift. So who’s to blame for the uncomfortable situation? The interviewee or the interviewer?
Chris Brown 'GMA' Outburst: Singer Smashes Window & Storms Off Set Shirtless
Chris Brown left Good Morning America ABC studios this morning in a fiery rage. The singer is in town to promote his new album F.A.M.E and after he was asked about his 2009 assault incident with Rihanna during an interview with Robin Roberts, Chris reportedly smashed a window in his dressing room and stormed out Read More
Watch James Franco Ask Oscar Co-Host Anne Hathaway When She'll Have a Baby!
Oh yeah, James Franco and Anne Hathaway have all the chemistry they need to make the Oscars a hit on Sunday! The co-hosts got to ask each other one question they want to know about the other on Good Morning America and James’ was brilliant!
Michael Jackson's Kids Want to "Continue What Our Dad Was Doing"
Good Morning America‘s Robin Roberts is checking in with Katherine Jackson and her son Michael Jackson‘s kids on how they’re coping almost two years after his death. Katherine says, “It was kind of hard at first, but they’ve adjusted pretty well.”
Lady Gaga Wears "Latex-Condom-Inspired Outfit' on 'Good Morning America'
Lady Gaga is helping to promote AIDS awareness through her fashion. Early Thursday morning, Gaga appeared on Good Morning America wearing what she described as a “latex-condom-inspired outfit.”
Wilson Phillips Celebrate Their 20th Reunion With "Christmas in Harmony"
Carnie Wilson, Wendy Wilson and Chynna Phillips are reuniting after 20 years to release a Wilson Phillips’ first Christmas album, Christmas in Harmony.
LeAnn Rimes on Having an Affair: "It Happens Every Day"
LeAnn Rimes sat done with ABC’s Robin Roberts during an “All Access Nashville” special to open up about her public affair with Eddie Cibrian. LeAnn says she has no regrets and says “it happens every day” but the difference is that she is a celebrity.
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October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month so OK!’s put together 15 celebrities who were diagnosed with breast cancer and beat it! Christina Applegate, Nancy Reagan and Hoda Kotb are just some of the women have fought and won, but continue to fight to help others. There are many more, but take a look at Read More
Remembering Michael Jackson: The Death that Shocked the World
For millions of people around the world, the most memorable — and heartbreaking — moment of 2009 was the tragic loss of Michael Jackson at the too-young age of 50. The pop icon’s career spanned four decades and not only broke sales records but boundaries both generational and cultural. As part of OK!’s Year in Read More
Barack Saves Michelle From TV Embarrassment
The soon-to-be first lady faced a makeup malfunction in her 20/20 appearance on Nov. 26 — she had lipstick on her teeth! During the Barbara Walters interview, the president-elect Barack Obama, 47, informed his wife, “You’ve got a bit of lipstick on your tooth.”   Rubbing it off, Michelle Obama, 44, replied, “Thanks, honey…. Is Read More
OK! Poll: New York's Most Stylish
Check out the nominees for the most stylish New Yorker’s! Readers will get a chance to vote on these 40 finalists by the end of today.   Log on Monday when we announce the final 20, and make sure to catch the winning 10 on Tuesday!       Julia Allison (sex columnist, blogger) Tyra Read More