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Most Underrated Songs of 2013Most Underrated Songs of 2013
Listen to a Playlist of OK!’s Most Underrated Songs of 2013
This was a jam-packed year in music. Get it? Packed with a lot of jams? There was a ton of new music to fill up our earholes and just when we least expected it, Beyonce dropped a whole new album on our asses. Fortunately, there is no Beyonce to be found on this list of Read More
'Smash' Recap: One Republic's Ryan Tedder Guest-Stars in "The Coup"
It was difficult not to sympathize with the Marilyn cast and crew last night! As we know, the workshop garnered less-than-stellar reviews, and no one has heard from Derek (Jack Davenport) or Eileen (Anjelica Huston) since the performance. We think that's akin to waiting to hear back about a job interview, which is awful. Julia Read More