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Celebrity: Sacha Baron Cohen

Bruno Star Sued Over Bingo Boondoggle
Unlike his much-publicized bare-bottomed run-in with Eminem at Sunday night’s MTV Movie Awards, Sacha Baron Cohen‘s latest scandal appears to be completely unscripted, as the Bruno star finds himself the subject of a lawsuit over, of all things, a …
The Eminem vs. Bruno Incident Was A Fake!
Okay — the speculation is officially over. We’re relieved to say that everyone can now stop theorizing over whether or not Eminem knew that Sacha Baron Cohen was going to plant his butt in his face from a great height …
It's a Bird, It's a Plane... It's Bruno!
Backstage at the MTV Movie Awards
Eminem vs. Bruno: Was It All for the Cameras?
Whether it’s as dimwitted British wannabe gangsta Ali G. or as even more dimwitted Kazhakstani reporter Borat, comedian Sacha Baron Cohen has made his name by playing characters who get under the skin of everyone from the average man on …
2009 MTV Movie Awards Arrivals
Sacha Baron Cohen is Back
Get ready to squirm uncomfortably with either shock, horror, delight, laughter or all of the above: Sacha Baron Cohen, the funnyman behind the insanely popular movie and character of Borat, is returning to theaters this summer with more of …
Sacha Baron Cohen's Body Hair Disaster!
Sacha Baron Cohen really does suffer for his art. He was shot at while making Borat and arrested for gatecrashing a fashion show — but we think this latest ordeal is the worst. According to reports in the British press…
Brüno: "I'm The Austrian Zac Efron"
How would you describe Sacha Baron Cohen’s outrageous character, Brüno? Well apparently Brüno likes to think of himself as the Austrian Zac Efron… but with one minor difference. We’re far too coy to tell you exactly what that is, so …
Isla's a Super-Mom!
Maybe Isla Fisher’s latest movie should have been called Confessions of a Workaholic.   After all, it’s only the most committed Hollywood actress who’d go back to work with a 1-year-old baby in tow. But celebrity costume-designer Patricia Field…
Video: Isla Fisher’s ‘Confessions’
Isla Fisher slips into a warm white coat moments after she poses in a barely-there Matthew Williamson gown during the Confessions of a Shopaholic premiere held Thursday at NYC’s Ziegfeld Theatre. It’s no secret: The actress engaged to Sacha Baron …
Sunday Rose Has The Hots For Our Boy, Say Liev and Naomi
They might have a combined age of 19 months, but it sounds like the Schreiber-Watts boys are quite the hot toddlers about town – at least if you listen to their mom and dad. Proud parents Liev Schreiber and Naomi …
Cohen's 'Bruno' Crashes Medium Set
An unruly extra was booted from the set of NBC’s Medium on Nov. 7,  for disrupting a scene involving the show’s star Patricia Arquette. But what everyone failed to see was that the "extra" was none other than comic …
OK! Exclusive: Ellen & Jen Hit Hollywood Baby Bash
Jennifer Aniston, Dustin Hoffman, Ben Stiller, Ellen DeGeneres, Jack Black, Tobey Maguire, Kate Beckinsale, Jonah Hill… That’s a list of stars that you’d expect to see at an exclusive blockbuster movie premiere …
Borat Tries to Pull a Bruno
First funnyman Sacha Baron Cohen delighted and disgusted moviegoers as Borat, the unintentionally foul-mouth Kazahkstani, and now he’s back, trying to stir up more awkward laughs in Italy.   Fashion show attendees in Milan told Page Six they spotted Sacha …
Holmes Sweet Holmes for Robert Downey Jr.
Fresh off his $300 million turn as Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. is ready to fight more crime, this time as another literary character — Sherlock Holmes. Warner Bros. has tapped the actor to star in its forthcoming eponymous mystery …
Sacha Baron Cohen's Latest Trick
Sacha Baron Cohen has struck again! The comedian has confused and fooled many a common folk as the one and only Borat, but for his latest duping, he set his sights high on former spy and political analyst Yossi Alpher…
Borat, Meet Sherlock Holmes
Sacha Baron Cohen will trim his legendary Borat mustache into a more refined bit of facial hair, don a pipe and spectacles for the upcoming film about fictional English sleuth Sherlock Holmes. Will Ferrell will play his loyal sidekick Watson. …
Unwedded Parental Bliss
The Readers Have Spoken!
As Ryan Seacrest says, “The results are in!” OK! has crunched the numbers on today’s polls, and this is what you – yes, you! – are currently thinking, loving and hating. Despite his earnest attempts and unyielding work ethic, …