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Is There a Sarah Palin Connection to Giffords Accused Shooter Jared Loughner?
Sarah Palin has been criticized often in media for controversial statements she’s made in the past, but now one such disparaged  move by the former Vice Presidential candidate is being looked at again, after the terrible Saturday shooting in Tucson, Ariz.
Lunchtime Lowdown: 'Glee' Plans for a Justin Bieber Episode; 'DWTS' Pro Maksim Chmerko...
Glee plans for a Justin Bieber episode! (Just Jared) Dancing with the Stars professional Maksim Chmerovskiy is set to find love on Ukraine’s the Bachelor. (Pop Eater) Will Sarah Palin do another season of TLC’s Sarah Palin’s Alaska? (TMZ) Is the Queen upset at Prince William and Kate Middleton for wedding planning without her? (E! Read More
VIDEO: Conan O'Brien Shares Sarah Palin's Version of 'Rudolph'
Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer may have been able to guide Santa’s sleigh, but he’s no match against hunter Sarah Palin.
Sarah Palin and Kate Gosselin Take Over TLC & the Outdoors!
After at powerhouse decision by TLC, Sarah Palin and Kate Gosselin‘s joint effort for the network finally aired last night! The former GOP vice presidential candidate and reality TV’s most famous mom went on a little camping trip in the latest episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska.
Barbara Walters' "10 Most Fascinating People of 2010" Recap
In case you missed it, check out the video recap of Barbara Walters‘ “10 Most Fascinating People of 2010” recap.  From Justin Bieber to Sarah Palin, Barbara wasn’t afraid to hit her top 10 people with the tough questions everyone wants to know!
Lunchtime Lowdown: Meet Céline Dion's Twins!; 'American Idol' Contestan...
• Céline Dion shows off her new twin boys, Eddy and Nelson, born in October. (Huffington Post) • American Idol contestants to live together in season 10? (MTV News) • James Franco talks about the bad impression he made on director Danny Boyle. (Celebuzz) • Aaron Sorkin says Sarah Palin is a “witless bully.” (PopEater) Read More
Breakfast Links: Billionaire Brings Digitally Dead Celebs Back to Life; Brad Pitt is T...
• Billionaire donates remaining money to reach $1 million goal to bring digitally dead celebs back to life to help families affected by HIV/AIDS. (PopEater) • Angelina Jolie says Brad Pitt is too busy to be running for president. (PopSugar) • Justin Bieber gives his best impression of a British accent. (Celebuzz) • Kate Gosslin Read More
Donald Trump for President?
The 2012 election could a big one for the history books. Donald Trump is also setting his sights on running.
Margaret Cho on Bristol Palin Comments: "I'm Not Going to Retract What I Sai...
First Margaret Cho claimed on her blog that Bristol Palin was forced to be on Dancing With the Stars by her mother Sarah Palin. Then Bristol took to her Facebook page and said Margaret doesn’t understand politics. Now Margaret spoke to Access Hollywood and said she’s “not going to retract” what she said. It official: Read More
Bristol Palin to Margaret Cho: "My Mom Didn't 'Force' Me to Go on 'DWTS' "
Margaret Cho made claims that Bristol Palin was forced to be on Dancing With the Stars by her mother Sarah Palin and now Bristol is firing back at her fellow DWTS contestant.
Breakfast Links: Kellan Lutz Wants a 'Twilight' Spin-Off; Robert Pattinson & Kris...
•  Kellan Lutz says he’d love to have his own Twilight spin-off. (Celebuzz) • Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart go for a swim and lock lips on the set of their Twilight honeymoon! (PopSugar) • Aretha Franklin‘s surgery was “highly successful.” (Huffington Post) • Nicole Kidman says she wanted Aaron Eckhart to be her Rabbit Read More
DWTS Watch: Jennifer Grey Does 'Dirty Dancing'; Bristol Palin's Cage Dance
The first night of the Dancing With the Stars‘ finale brought out some of the best dances of  Season 11. The three remaining finalists — Jennifer Grey, Kyle Massey, and Bristol Palin —  danced a “redemption dance” and the mandatory freestyle as they battled it out for the Mirrorball Trophy! 
Sarah Palin Confident She Can Beat Obama in 2012 Presidential Election
Sarah Palin is confident that if she decides to put her reality TV days on hold and run for president in 2012 she will beat out Barack Obama. The former GOP Vice Presidential candidate opens up to Barbara Walters — on this year’s 10 Most Fascinating People special airing Dec. 9 —  about her future Read More
Bristol Palin Apologizes For Willow Palin's Offensive Facebook Slurs
Bristol Palin has returned to her Facebook page, not for more inappropriate prattle with her sister Willow Palin, but to apologize for the offensive comments she and Willow made during a war on the social networking site this week —  in which Willow allegedly used homophobic slurs against a boy who made fun of Sarah Read More
Report: Willow Palin Writes Homophobic Slurs on Facebook
It might be tough to be the daughter of Sarah Palin — failed Vice Presidential candidate and sometime governor of Alaska — and the younger sibling of a teen mom sister currently dancing on reality TV, but unfortunately, 16-year-old Willow Palin is dealing with criticism of her mom’s new show in an inappropriate manner. A Read More
Man Shoots His TV Screen After Bristol Palin's 'DWTS' Performance
After Brandy was voted off on last night’s Dancing With the Stars and Bristol Palin made it into the finals there were a lot of disappointed — and some enraged fans. But one 67-year-old DWTS viewer became so upset with the show that he fired a gun at his TV — and this was only Read More
'Sarah Palin's Alaska' Pulls Epic Ratings for TLC
Watch out Kate Gosselin! Sarah Palin is hot on your heels — No, actually viewing audiences find her more interesting! Sarah Palin’s Alaska brought in epic ratings last night for TLC; even bigger than Jon, Kate and their plus eight brood.
Eight Cities to Host 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' Special Advanced Screenings
Can’t wait to watch Sarah Palin’s Alaska premiere Nov. 14 on TLC? Then it’s your lucky day! As TLC explains, “you can see Sarah Palin’s Alaska from your town” by attending a special sneak-peek screening.
'DWTS' Watch: Brandy & Jennifer Grey Tie for First
Dancing with the Stars brought back some of the show’s favorite celebrities from various seasons to celebrate the 200th episode on Monday night. And as part of the festivities, each of the six remaining couples did a group cha cha plus an individual dance based on an iconic DWTS performance from the past — with Read More
Cher Calls Jan Brewer "Worse Than Sarah Palin"
When it comes to political women like Sarah Palin and Arizona governor Jan Brewer, celebrities tend to have strong opinions and legendary songstress Cher is among them!