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Heart’s Ann Wilson Disses Sarah Palin After Performing on 'DWTS'
Singer Ann Wilson of the band Heart thinks Bristol Palin’s mom, politician, Sarah Palin, is a real barracuda!
'DWTS' Watch: Florence Henderson Eliminated
In the first Dancing With the Stars shocker of the season, Florence Henderson was eliminated on Tuesday night – and Bristol Palin, whom many thought would get voted off for getting the lowest score, was saved to dance another week.
'DWTS' Watch: Bristol Palin Bombs; Brandy's the Best
It wasn’t much of a birthday celebration for Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars on Monday night. Sarah Palin’s daughter, who emerged from a monkey suit to dance with partner Mark Ballas, got the lowest score on the hit ABC reality show on Oct. 18, her 20th birthday.
VIDEO: Sarah Palin's 'Alaska' TV Series Sneak Peek
“This is flippin’ fun.” At least, that’s what Sarah Palin‘s saying about her new TLC series, Sarah Palin’s Alaska.
Does Kristen Wiig Live Up to Tina Fey in 'SNL' Political Satire Ring?
Watch out Tina Fey. Former Saturday Night Live co-host Kristen Wiig is stealing your thunder! Kristen has taken on political satire on the sketch comedy show in the form of controversial Delaware politician Christine O’Donnell. But does Kristen’s O’Donnell compare to Tina’s beloved Sarah Palin skits?
Christine O'Donnell Not Sharp on Supreme Court
Christine O’Donnell may know a thing or two about witchcraft and satanic practices, but the Delaware politician gets a little tripped up when it comes to matters of the Supreme Court level. The controversial “Tea Partier” was stumped last night during a debate, unable to name any current Supreme Court issues.
'DWTS' Watch: Jennifer Grey Tangos to the Top
It was a return to form for Jennifer Grey on Monday night’s Dancing With the Stars as the actress and her partner Derek Hough blew the competition away with a thrilling Argentine tango.
Michael Bolton is Kicked Off 'DWTS'
Michael Bolton failed to get any time, love or tenderness on Dancing With the Stars last night, getting eliminated in the second round after his disastrous “Hound Dog” jive.
'DWTS' Watch: Jennifer Grey & Derek Hough Rule the Dance Floor
Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough ruled the floor again on Dancing with the Stars on Monday night, jiving to a top score of 24.
Sarah Palin Gets In On the 'DWTS' Action!
Since Sarah Palin didn’t head to the Dancing With the Stars set in Hollywood, daughter Bristol Palin and her partner Mark Ballas decided to bring some of dancing action to Alaska! Don’t worry Sarah will be very present on the show, as it looks like a special homecoming episode will be airing Monday night!
'DWTS' Results Show: The Hoff Eliminated
You won’t have the Hoff to hassel on Dancing With the Stars anymore. David Hasselhoff, the Baywatch and Knight Rider icon, was eliminated from the hit ABC reality show on Tuesday night after his first dance on Monday failed to impress.
VIDEO: Bristol Palin Pulls It Off (Literally) on 'DWTS' Debut
A red hot Bristol Palin made her debut on Dancing With the Stars Monday night, stripping down and performing a cha-cha with partner Mark Ballas. While Bristol, the daughter of formal Alaskan governor Sarah Palin, may have started off her routine in a suit, the 19-year-old teen mom stripped down into a red, mini flapper Read More
'DWTS' Recap: Celebs Debut on Dance Floor for Fall 2010 Premiere!
Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough had the time of their lives on the 11th season premiere of Dancing With the Stars on Monday night. The former Dirty Dancing actress and her pro partner earned the highest score of the night, a 24 out of 30. Jennifer and Derek’s fluid Viennese waltz performance to the tune Read More
Sarah Palin to Be Present at 'DWTS' Season Premiere?
Alaska’s No. 1 hockey mom is leaving the ice rink behind for the dance floor. Sarah Palin will reportedly be in the audience to cheer on her daughter, Bristol Palin, during Monday’s season opener of Dancing with the Stars, according to TMZ.
'Good Morning America' Announces 'Dancing With the Stars' Pairings
Good Morning America announced Wednesday the celebrity/pro pairings for season 11 of Dancing With the Stars. Who do you think will be the winner?
Bristol Palin on 'DWTS': "My Mom's Excited for Me"
Dancing With the Stars announced its cast for the 11th season on Monday night and OK! was there to chat with the new celebrities who will be hitting the dance floor beginning Sept. 20 on ABC.
VIDEO: Levi Johnston Takes Back Apology to Sarah Palin
Levi Johnston made an appearance on CBS’ The Early Show on Friday and made an announcement directed at Sarah Palin: “I wish I hadn’t put out that apology.”
Levi Johnston Runnning for Mayor of Wasilla
As if Levi Johnston hasn’t upset his ex-girlfriend’s family enough, he is now going after Sarah Palin‘s old job as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska for a new reality show.
VIDEO: Bristol Palin Defends Mom Sarah Palin From Fellow Alaskan
While Levi Johnston was partying with young Hollywood at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards — with a new brunette on his arm — his ex-fiancée Bristol Palin, was forced to stand by her mom Sarah Palin, who was being heckled by an angry Alaskan during a rainy stroll through the neighborhood.
Levi Johnston Starring In R&B Music Video
First a possible reality show in the works now a music video? Levi Johnston is crawling his way up the D-list ladder of fame and making plenty of headlines. A spokesman for Bristol Palin‘s fiancé says he will appear in a music video which is slated for production next month in L.A.