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Celebrity: Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman’s Last Word Outtakes
Sarah Silverman takes OK!’s Last Word interview in the issue on newsstands now. The 39-year-old comedian keeps it funny in line with her memoir The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption and Pee, which is in stores now. This …
VIDEO: Who is Aziz Ansari?
Aziz Ansari has been announced the host of the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, but do you even know who he is? Kristen Bell, Sarah Silverman, Diddy and Zac Efron share with you his whole life story and why …
Sarah Silverman Admits She had "The Weirdest Time Being Single"
Comedian Sarah Silverman confesses that she felt isolated after her split from talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.…
Stars Talk Christmas Gifts, Traditions, Plans
Christmas gets a new twist in 2009 for Kim Kardashian, whose sis Kourtney welcomed son Mason earlier this month and sis Khloe wed NBA star Lamar Odom earlier this year. She’s prepared for the unexpected.…
Sarah Silverman Strikes Back
Now that Sarah Silverman’s breakup with Jimmy Kimmel has been solidified by him stepping out with staffer Molly McNearney, the comedienne is free to f*** Matt Damon or whomever else she pleases. She doesn’t have her eye on …
"Sarah Left Me Because I'm an Imbecile," Says Kimmel
Okay, we’ll give Jimmy Kimmel this much — He’s done some stupid things in his career. But we still think he’s being a little hard on himself when he says that Sarah Silverman dumped him because he’s "an imbecile". When …
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Men of the Year
Other than that I have a few British friends who are fans, I don’t really know too much about Russell Brand. I still haven’t seen “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and after attending the MTV VMA Awards three times, I didn’t even …
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Second Chance For Romance
Sarah Silverman Bombs In London Debut
All comedians have to put up with a bit of heckling once in a while. But the crowd staging an all-out protest is considered something of a failure. But that’s what poor Sarah Silverman faced at her British debut over …
Sarah Silverman, Jimmy Kimmel Rekindle The Flame
Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel reunite onstage during the Project ALS Tomorrow is Tonight benefit gala held at NYC’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel. After the event, I hear the on-again lovebirds snuggle in the green room where Sarah admits they are …
Sarah & Jimmy Back Together?
There’s nothing like a wedding to re-ignite the spark between ex-lovers!  And on Tuesday, the women of The View got down to business with guest Sarah Silverman, on her recent attendance at Howard Stern‘s wedding with none other …
VIDEO: Leo Wants You!
While they may be Democrat or Republican, some celebrities don’t want to tell you who to elect as the next president, but they do want you to exercise your right to vote.   Leonardo DiCaprio and a few of his famous …
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