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Celebrity: Scandal

Gosselins Gag Themselves
Bickering reality stars Jon  and Kate Gosselin, who never seem to be too shy when it comes to having cameras around or issuing statements to the press, have suddenly come to the decision that maybe, just maybe, it’s probably not a good idea to have their recently announced divorce played out in public. In a Read More
Ashley Olsen, the Private Twin
From their mid-teens to their early twenties, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were two of Hollywood’s most photographed and written about celebs. Every party they attended, every boy they dated, every oversized cup of Starbucks they guzzled was documented for a public hungry to know every detail about the pint-sized duo. But in the two years Read More
Jackson Doc Waited 30 Minutes Before Calling 911
In one of the more head-scratchingly ludicrous statements to come from the lawyer repping Dr. Conrad Murray, the cardiologist who was attending to Michael Jackson when he went into cardiac arrest last Thursday, it has been revealed that Murray didn’t call 911 immediately upon discovering the King of Pop unable to breathe and with only Read More
Deborah Gibson Remembers Michael Jackson
Deborah Gibson was one of the lucky stars to appear in Michael Jackson’s Liberian Girl video in 1989. (See clip!) The onetime teen queen, 38, opens up about her experience with the King of Pop days after his tragic death at age 50. “I met Michael and he told me he had just watched a Read More
Jackson Doc Found Michael in Bed with Pulse
While many continue to cast a wary eye on cardiologist Dr. Conrad Murray and whether or not he may have had any role in the unexpected and tragic death of Michael Jackson, Dr. Murray’s lawyer is saying that his client did everything to save the pop superstar before medics arrived. According to attorney Edward Chernoff, Read More
Jon (Minus Kate) Plus Eight
Joe Jackson: "Everything is Fine" with Michael's Children
The man behind the Jackson 5, Jackson family patriarch Joe Jackson, has often been considered a controversial figure in his superstar children’s lives. But following the tragic death of son Michael Jackson at the age of 50, Joe is being uncharacteristically cautious in what he says to the media. Joe spoke briefly to Extra on Read More
Lindsay's Birthday Suit
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OK! Exclusive: Michael's Final Pair of Gloves
Michael Jackson was never one to skimp on the glitz when it came to his in-concert costumes, and OK! has learned that the King of Pop paid top-dollar on a new pair of custom-made glittery gloves for his planned 50-night stand in London later this summer. According to a source close to the tour, Michael Read More
Andy Cohen Dishes on Real Housewives
Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey wrapped up this week with an explosive two-part reunion (a “lost footage” episode will air next week) filled with shocking confessions, mysterious allegations, and an ostracized housewife. All the drama even had host Andy Cohen’s head spinning. “It was weird!” he says. During the reunion, Danielle found herself Read More
Jackson Family Wants Second Autopsy
Following yesterday’s announcement by the L.A. Coroner that they are not yet ready to declare an official cause of death in the shocking passion of music legend Michael Jackson, the singer’s family has made clear their desire for a second, independent autopsy. This announcement was made by family friend, Rev. Jesse Jackson, after a press Read More
Michael Jackson Wowed ‘Mickey Mouse Club’
Michael Jackson was a kid at heart, and stopped by the Mickey Mouse Club when it filmed at Florida’s Disney-MGM Studios in 1990. Former Mouseketeers Damon Pampolina, Albert Fields and Chasen Hampton fondly remember the King of Pop’s visit. I caught up with the guys, all 34, one day after Michael’s shocking death at age Read More
Coroner Defers Cause of Death Decision
After significant delay, a spokesperson for the L.A. Coroner’s Office finally gave a press conference on Friday afternoon, confirming that the autopsy on the body of Michael Jackson had been completed, but that the Coroner was "deferring" a decision on the official cause of death until after further tests are completed. The autopsy, which took Read More
Report: Jackson Had Passed Recent Physical
A new report adds another layer of mystery to the shocking death of Michael Jackson at the age of 50 on Thursday. According to E! News, the King of Pop had recently passed a physical examination required for the promoters of his upcoming 50-night stand to get insurance for the multimillion dollar production. "He passed Read More
Adam Lambert Fires Back at Indie Label
Adam Lambert is none too happy with Hi Fi Recordings, an indie record label that’s planning to release a CD by Adam called On With the Show, recorded before his run on American Idol.   Adam has released a statement regarding the label’s plans, saying: "Last Friday I was surprised to find out that songs Read More
G.I. Bruno Marches on Hollywood!
Leighton Smiles Through the Scandal
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Billy Bob's Daughter Indicted for Murder
Billy Bob Thornton‘s estranged daughter, Amanda Brumfield, has been charged with first degree murder, aggravated child abuse and aggravated manslaughter of a one-year-old girl who died under her care, TMZ reports. The woman told cops in October that the little girl died after a fall from her playpen, but now detectives say that story doesn’t Read More
Kim K Weighs in on Perez
Like most (actually, make that all) celebs, Kim Kardashian has taken her share of barbed comments from Perez Hilton over the years. But the pair have always kissed and made up after. So last night Kim had some advice for her pal, who got into a major face-off with the blogger the other night: Read More
Rob Wins a Prize for Emilie