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Celebrity: Simon Pegg

Jimmy Fallon and Justin TimberlakeJimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake
Late Night Booty Call: Let's Do a Celebration Dance That The Weekend's Here!
The late night shows were back in action this week and packed with all of the finest men Hollywood has to offer. So it is definitely time for a little hookup on Late Night Booty Call. I’m so excited …
The World's End
OK! or OMG?!: Read Our Review of The World's End
Full disclosure: this is the film I have been anticipating and looking forward to more than really any other event this year (whoops, sorry to all my friends with weddings and new children). Fuller disclosure: it exceeded my unbelievably high …
Courtesy of Reddit
Ready, Set, Reddit: Wednesday, August 21st!
Here’s the best stuff on the front page of the internet today: Duck! [r/funny] Highway to hell: [r/pics] Today’s AMA features Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg & Nick Frost, director and stars of the new film, The World’s End…
Robin Thicke with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots
Late Night Booty Call: We're all Drunk on "Blurred Lines"
Look, the night is only so long and there’s only so many celebrity boyfriends to hook up with. This week on Late Night Booty Call, an awful lot of handsome men stopped by the late night talk shows to …
SplashNews, Paramount
What Kind of Wine Is Your Favorite 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Character?
It is only logical that Star Trek wine would eventually become a thing, and that day has arrived. Vinport has a special collection of Star Trek wines that are available for a limited time only! Each wine is in honor …
Getty ImagesGetty Images
Everything We Want to Know About Benedict Cumberbatch—His Co-Stars Tell All!
Ah Benedict Cumberbatch. You mystery of a man! We know he's a fantastic actor, but we want to know more and more every day about this brilliant guy. So we looked to the people that know him best—his co-stars. …
OK! Movie Mania: Random, Embarrassing Trivia About The Cast of 'Star Trek Into Da...
You probably know quite a few things about Star Trek Into Darkness, like that the guys in it are hot and that it's OUT RIGHT NOW. But we dug a little deeper on the internet to find out little …
Splash News
Tom Cruise Visits Moscow for 'Mission: Impossible' Premiere