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Celebrity: Sister Wives

Reality Weekly: 'Sister Wives' Split! One of Kody Brown's Wives Can't Take It Anymore!...
When it comes to reality TV, there's only one place you can get all the breaking news and juicy details you crave: Reality Weekly magazine! In this week's issue: It's Sister Wives' war behind closed doors at Kody Brown's house! Find out what pushed one wife to walk out.  Also this week, insiders reveal details Read More
'Sister Wives' Star Robyn Brown Gives Birth to a Baby Boy!
Kody Brown and his Sister Wives have welcomed the addition of number 17 to their family! According to E! News, Robyn Brown gave birth to a baby boy today. "The baby has arrived!" a rep for TLC confirmed. Robyn is Kody's fourth wife and their son is their first child together. Robyn has three children Read More
Kody & Robyn Brown Announce the Gender of Their Baby in 'Sister Wives' Video Clip...
Amongst some jealousy in the Sister Wives house last night, Kody and Robyn Brown learned the sex of their baby and shared the news with the rest family — who were divided on what they wanted it to be!
'Sister Wives' Pregnancy Scare: Robyn & Kody Worry About Their Baby
On last night’s episode of Sister Wives, Kody and Robyn Brown made an emergency trip to their midwife after Robyn noticed there was trouble with their baby.
'Sister Wives' Premiere: Robyn Announces She's Pregnant!
It wasn’t a surprise for viewers, but on the season three premiere of TLC’s Sister Wives last night, Kody Brown announced he’s expecting with his newest wife Robyn.
Kody Brown & His 'Sister Wives' to File Lawsuit Challenging Utah's Polygamy Laws
Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and his wives Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn have been under investigation by Utah County authorities for their polygamist lifestyle, but now the family is fighting back.
'Sister Wives' Season Two Receives Big Ratings Boost!
It looks like Kody Brown and his family’s decision to go public with their polygamist lifestyle may have paid off. The series premiere of season two on TLC pulled in big ratings!
Kody Brown & His 'Sister Wives' Say "We Don't Go Weird"
Kody Brown and his four wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn, are back in the spotlight talking about their polygamist lifestyle before the premiere of season two of Sister Wives. And Kody is still insisting that he’s a one wife at a time kind of guy.
'Sister Wives' Starting Season Two: "We Have Had a Lot of Support"
Kody Brown and his four wives are coming back to TLC for Sister Wives season two! The family stopped by Today to speak out on their decision to continue with the show.
VIDEO: Kody & Robyn's Honeymoon Makes for Jealous 'Sister Wives'
The honeymoon was over before it even began. Kody Brown and his fourth wife Robyn went on an 11-day honeymoon much to the other Sister Wives‘ dismay.
Nancy Grace on 'Sister Wives' Investigation: “Kody Should Go to Jail!”
TLC’s hit reality show Sister Wives, which chronicles the lives of fundamentalist Mormon Kody Brown and his four wives – Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn – and 16 children in Utah has captivated audiences since it first aired. But by opening up their controversial lives to the world, the Browns have also made themselves suspect Read More
Teen Mom Alert: Ryan Breaks Maci's Heart!
Teen Mom: Maci thinks that she and the father of her son, Ryan, are meant to be together, but in an OK! exclusive interview Ryan reveals that he’s moved on with a new love. Sandra and Jesse: After humiliating ex-wife Sandra Bullock in a cheating scandal last year, Jesse James is experiencing his own heartbreak: Read More
Does 'Sister Wives' Kody Brown's Ad Job Add Up?
Kody Brown has a lot of financial responsibility as the primary caretaker of his four wives and 15 children — 12 of his own, three step-children with newest wife Robyn and one on the way with wife of 16 years, Christine. With a growing family to support, Kody must have to work pretty hard as Read More
Sister Wives Simmer Over Kody & Robyn's Wedding
In the finale episodes of Sister Wives, polygamist Kody Brown marries his fourth wife, Robyn, while his first three wives help with the preparations. But with all the attention on Kody and his newest wife, should his other wives be upset at all?
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TLC Confirms 'Sister Wives' Star Kody Brown's Marriage to Fourth Wife
Kody Brown, star of TLC’s latest reality show Sister Wives, recently married his fourth wife, according to new reports.
Sister Wives' Kody Has Taken His Stance: "We're Not Felons"
Kody Brown, the husband in TLC’s new show Sister Wives, didn’t make any apologizes for his “plural marriage” lifestyle in the past and based on his stance, we doubt he’s making any now that he’s under police investigation either.
VIDEO: Meet 'Big Love's' Reality Version 'Sister Wives'
TLC is taking on a new reality show, Sister Wives, that follows the a polygamist family. Kody Brown and his four wives stopped by the Today show to explain how their family works.