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Celebrity: Tim Gunn

18 Celebrities Who Joined Instagram In 2013
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Welcome to Tweet Repeat, your daily dose of the best celeb anecdotes found on Twitter. We’ve scoured the site looking for the funniest, weirdest, goofiest, deepest, craziest, sweetest, most intriguing thoughts of the day, from the most intriguing people on the internet. See what Miley Cyrus, Ludacris, NeNe Leakes, Nina Dobrev and more were up to Read More
Project Runway Season 12 Finale—See What's In Store Tonight!
OK! Exclusive: Tim Gunn Discusses His Fave Nespresso Grand Cru and Style in the 1960s
If you by chance get invited over Tim Gunn‘s New York City apartment for a cup of joe around the holiday season, first, you should know I’ll be insanely jealous. But getting down to it, expect a festive atmosphere that not only encourages you to drink the brew of your dreams, but be the skilled Read More
5 Things I Learned About Project Runway at the New York Fashion Week Show
You try watching a Project Runway show complete with celebrity guest judge Kerry Washington and leave the theater without a thought or two. Today I watched amazing designers present their beautiful collections at New York Fashion Week. These are the five things on my mind. 1. Heidi Klum Is a Doll Could she be the Read More
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Welcome to Tweet Repeat, your daily dose of the best celeb anecdotes found on Twitter. We’ve scoured the site looking for the funniest, weirdest, goofiest, deepest, craziest, sweetest, most intriguing thoughts of the day, from the most intriguing people on the internet. See what Victoria Beckham, Tim Gunn, Kandi Burruss, Julianne Hough and more were up Read More
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Rise and shine, pop culture fans! Rub your eyes, get to stretchin’, and pour yourself a hot cup of coffee because it’s time to start your day off right with a little OK! Wake Up Call. It’s better than the blaring ring from your alarm clock, right? Here are some things to know today: The word progression Read More
Find Out What Fashion Designer Tracy Reese Thought About Her 'Project Runway' Judging ...
Between their personal and professional involvement in the style world, the Project Runway judges know what makes a designer the next Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week star. With that constantly being brought up, Tim Gunn’s phrase ‘Make it work!’ has a whole lot more back to it. OK! News: OK! Pastel Spring Beauty Report This week’s episode Read More
Watch 'Project Runway's' Tim Gunn Go On an NYC Fashion Adventure!
Everyone's favorite Project Runway mentor Tim Gunn spent a day "making it happen" in the harsh streets of New York City. That's right, the sweet style guru with a vision tracked all over Manhattan searching for a certain shopping destination and is met by perplexed cabbies, construction workers, and admiring fans. Watch this cute video Read More
'Project Runway' Recap: Episode 10, I Get a Kick Out of Fashion, With Guest Judge Debr...
The designers are all struggling to wake up and get moving without their buddy Gunnar Deatherage. They won’t have to struggle much longer though — they’re soon inside Radio City Music Hall, where some, like Melissa Fleis, are especially impressed with the architecture, some, like Fabio Costa, with the glittering line of Rockettes that appear Read More
'Project Runway' Recap: Episode 9, It's All About Me With Guest Judges Mondo Guerra an...
FINALLY! Ahh! Sorry, if you’re reading this and you haven’t watched this week’s Project Runway yet and you don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading now — the spoilers are coming earlier than usual because we can’t contain our excitement. Dmitry Sholokhov finally won! We have been waiting for this moment for a long time, Read More
Life After 'Project Runway': Hey, Ho, Let's Go, Hey, Ho, FNO!
Wow! What an exciting week! I think I was most excited about the big fat kiss I managed to plant on Tim Gunn's unsuspecting cheek! Oh, and meeting Bert [Keeter], past PR contestant and all round cheeky Twitter-er, who likes to pull my leg about my influence on “Street Fashion” — nothing but flattered, though Read More
'Project Runway' Recap: Episode 6, Fix My Friend
Oh, wow. Project Runway has seen its share of less-than-likeable designers in its day, and although Ven Budhu has shown he can be arrogant, we didn't expect to add him to this list. But, it's kind of hard not to after he made his client, Terri, cry after incessantly harping on her size (which is Read More
'Project Runway' Recap: It's My Way on the Runway
We open with what seems like an extra-long flashback of last week's episode, probably because it was the last time we'd get to hear Buffi Jashanmal's amazing accent. But don't get too upset! OK! is thrilled to announce that Buffi will be one of our guest bloggers on Fridays! Look for Buffi's Bootcamp later today Read More
'Project Runway' Recap: Women on the Go With Guest Judge Hayden Panettiere
What do you get when you combine a bunch of dark colors with some crying people? This week's episode of Project Runway, obviously. Thank goodness for Tim Gunn, is all we can say. He was the one bright spot in this otherwise bland hour. Well, besides Michael Kors' Madison Avenue flagship store. That was pretty Read More
'Project Runway' Recap: Welcome Back (or not) to the Runway
Heidi Klum sends the designers to South Street Seaport to meet Tim Gunn, who says this is the Lexus challenge. But it's much worse than that: it's the first team challenge. Aside from the way the designers were randomly paired off (they were given keys to a corresponding car) the challenge had nothing to do Read More
'Project Runway' Premiere Recap: A Times Square Anniversary Party
Project Runway is back! Our beloved PR recently celebrated its 10th anniversary with a runway show in Times Square featuring the 16 then-unknown designers of the tenth season, and we got to see the action unfold on TV last night. We're thrilled that Lifetime decided Project Runway should begin with a bang (a run-of-the-mill runway Read More
Tim Gunn Announces 'Project Runway' Season 10 Premiere Date!
Hooray for Project Runway news! Season 10 will premiere on July 19! The news comes via Tim Gunn's official Facebook page. OK! NEWS: DIET CONFESSIONS WITH TIM GUNN Most recently, we endured the all-stars season, which was likely invented just to give Mondo Guerra the win he oh-so-deserved for his season (Which is fine, and Read More
'Project Runway All Stars' Recap: Ready-to-Sell With Nanette Lepore
Angela Lindvall tells the designers that there are four of them left, which is pretty stupid because, you know. The designers are living together. She continues to say that there are only three spots in the final, which is also pretty stupid because, you know. The designers have all been through this before (and none Read More
Tim Gunn Hasn't Had Sex in 29 Years!
Tim Gunn dropped a bomb on ABC's The Revolution yesterday by sharing something extremely personal during a segment about "jumpstarting your sex life" — He hasn't had sex in 29 years! OK!'S DIET CONFESSIONS WITH TIM GUNN The Revolution hosts were discussing a statistic that between 15% and 20% of people are in no-sex or Read More