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Brad Goreski on Styling Kate Spade and Taking Selfies at New York Fashion Week

The Kate Spade Fall 2014 presentation could be described as one of those locations where you wouldn’t venture to take a selfie. As ironic as it may seem, considering attendees of New York Fashion Week make it a point to show off their most stylish digs in only seven days, faces were fixated on something else. That “something” would be the impossibly sophisticated (and swanky) collection, styled by Brad Goreski and inspired by Kate Spade creative director Deborah Llyod’s recent travels.

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Yet, after getting the lowdown on the gemstone embellished toppers and cheetah print trousers from the pros, the popular self-photography pose (hint: it was 2013’s word of the year) still managed to come up. Brad is a selfie guru, after all. Take a look at our interview below and you’ll see why. 

OK! Magazine: Can you tell me about the inspiration behind the collection?
Deborah Lloyd: The inspiration this season is definitely about my travels. I get to travel so much, which is wonderful, but it’s also about making sure you spend the time to discover some of these places. This season, I did some big trips to Asia. Brad was with me in Tokyo for one of them. Whether it’s Tokyo or Shanghai, what I loved about these cities is the smashing together of the old traditions and meeting the new technology.



OK!: Has styling this collection changed the way that you style in general? Has it made any impact?
Brad Goreski:
Every season challenges me to approach styling in a different way. At Kate Spade, this season was very much about new proportion and new shapes. For me, it’s about playing with those while still keeping the ‘Kate Spade Girl’ in mind. It’s great because it challenges my brain in a different way than it does when I am dressing a celebrity for a red carpet.

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OK!: I see that there is a lot of animal print. How would you describe working with those prints?
BG: Fun!
DL: Meow! (laughs)

BG: (laughs) Exactly! Lots of sparkle and lots of animal print. Those are the things that I naturally gravitate towards.There is a lot of sparkle in the navy section but also this kind of quiet elegance, too, which I find really appealing. It’s really exciting for the way the ‘Kate Spade Girl’ gets to dress.

OK!: Do you have a favorite or would it be too hard to pick?
DL: Oh, it’s hard to pick! It’s like children—or dogs! It’s like picking between my pups. However, that navy coat with the feather dress has to have my name on it.

BG: I love the feather collar with the very sleek tuxedo trouser and pointy-toe heel. I think it’s so refined and elegant.

OK!: We know you’re a fan of selfies—we follow you on Instagram. Do you have any tips on the best places to take them during Fashion Week?
BG: I always find the natural light. You have to know how to find your light.

OK!: Everybody saves their best dress for the Oscars. What day of fashion week do you save your best outfit?
BG: Today! I can’t be too crazy, so this is a quiet outfit for me. I’m going home on Sunday because I have to be at work in L.A. on Monday. It will be a quiet dressing week for me.

OK!: Do you have any tips for people trying to get around the city while still looking cute in all this snow?
BG: Get some snow boots. I tried to be cute on the day that the big storm hit, and I got such an intense soaker. I was like, ‘Enough of this. I’ll wear my cute outfit with some boots and make it work.’

Will you find the natural light, dress up in some Kate Spade sequins, and take a selfie? Visit @OKMagazine on Instagram and you’ll see an example from Brad himself.

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