If there are two things the Kardashian sisters are famous for, it's their style and those amazing bods! So it only makes sense that the sibs would design their own Kardashian Kollection intimate apparel line for Sears. Kim, Kourtney and Khloe give OK! all the details in this week's issue!

What makes lingerie sexy to you?

Kim: It's what makes women feel sexy inside and out. You may be wearing only jeans and a T-shirt on the outside, but the fact that you know you are wearing sexy undergarments underneath can make you feel more self-confident and powerful!

Should lingerie be for the women wearing it or for her man?

Kourtney: I am definitely a big believer in first always dressing for yourself — it's just an added bonus if you have a lucky man in your life who gets to enjoy it! 

You're each famous for your curves. Did you design the line keeping curvy women in mind?

Khloe: Absolutely! We wanted to design sexy and stylish pieces that also serve the everyday functional purposes. My sisters and I have all experienced some kind of wardrobe malfunction, so we definitely paid special attention to the overall cut, fit and comfort level. 

Do you think dressing up in lingerie has helped your relationships?

Khloe: I won't go too crazy here, but it's one fun and easy way to spice things up between you and your man!