After dating for two years, rocker Avril Lavigne and reality star Brody Jenner have pulled the plug on their relationship.

A source confirmed to E! News they have officially split up. Details haven't been dished just yet, but we can only wonder what they'll do about their matching tattoos! After they started dating two years ago, they got each other's name inscribed on their bodies. 
Brody had Avril's name inked on his arm in July 2010, and she had a matching tattoo etched over her ribs. Considering history has repeated itself, maybe the Canadian singer/songwriter should steer clear of tattoo parlors for a while. 
In 2004 she had a small pink heart surrounding the letter D inked onto her wrist that represented her boyfriend at the time, Deryck Whibley. They later got married and sported matching tattoos shortly before they filed divorce papers.
What do you think about matching tattoos when you're dating or even married? Yay or ixnay?