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Beyonce Cancels A Concert in Belgium! Is She Pregnant?

Yesterday, news was circulating on the interwebs that Beyonce might be pregnant with baby number two. That Met Ball dress that she wore last week certainly looked like she was hiding a baby bump, guys.

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And today? TMZ is reporting that B cancelled a concert in Belgium due to "dehydration and exhaustion." In famous people terms, that means "I'm hiding something from you so please leave me alone." We're onto you, B.

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But now, if she is in fact expecting again, only one question remains. How will she reveal her pregnancy to the public in a way that could possibly top this epic VMA moment from 2011?!

Whatever she does, it's Jay Z and Beyonce's baby, so the reveal is going to be huge. As one of our editors said when we discussed this mind-blowing discussion, "I hope she does it when Kim Kardashian gives birth." Touche.

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Do you think Beyonce is pregnant or is she actually sick? How do you think B and Jay will reveal their baby news to the public? Tweet us @OKMagazine with your thoughts!