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Cameron Diaz No More! Why She's Already Taking Benji Madden's Name

Traditional brides take their husband’s last name once they’re married, but Cameron Diaz is taking things even further—she’s using Benji Madden’s name after dating just a few months! A source says Cameron, 41, has begun using the last name “Combs” as an alias when she makes reservations, orders pizza or checks into a hotel. Combs is Benji’s real last name; he changed it to Madden for showbiz.

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After only three months of dating, friends say Cameron is ready to be Benji's Mrs. ©

After only three months of dating, friends say Cameron is ready to be Benji’s Mrs. ©

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“Cam is head over heels for Benji, and she thought it would be cute to use his last name,” says the source. “She didn’t think she could use ‘Madden,’ because that would be a dead giveaway that it’s her.” The friend says Cameron never mentioned it to Benji, 35, who was touched by the surprise during a quiet night of takeout at home. “He noticed the name when their food arrived, and he thought it was funny.”

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