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Demi Lovato Gets Her Patriotism On During World Series

Right on the heels of Zooey Deschanel belting out the national anthem, Demi Lovato did the same! Last night in Texas for Game 5, the recently rehabbed star took to the field to sing the national anthem. Although she didn't even seem to have butterflies on the field, Demi tweeted her excitement and nervousness on Sunday night.


"About to go to sleep.. So nervous/excited about tomorrow!! National anthem at the #worldseries…Wow!!!" she tweeted. 


In fact, RadarOnline pointed out its her fans she has to thank. After all, they campaigned to get their former Disney star onto the field to sing "The Star Spangled Banner!" She explained, "My fans were actually the ones that sent a petition saying, like, 'Can we get Demi to sing the national anthem?' and sent it to the MLB and the Rangers' Twitter, and they saw it and they called."


Demi added, "So without my fans' support, I wouldn't be singing the national anthem."


Not only did she wear a Texas Rangers shirt with a matching blazer and shorts, Demi stayed to watch the game and root for the Rangers. "I support my home team," she said.


The only thing is, her father was not standing alongside her; he hasn't spoken to Demi since last November. Patrick Lovato told RadarOnline, "I love her so much, and I just want her to call me. "This is the only way I can talk to her, I try to reach her but it never works."