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Exclusive! Selena Gomez's Grandparents Talk Justin Bieber: "He Was Getting into Drugs"

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The relationship of Hollywood’s most fickle young couple, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, has hit an all-time low—at least for one of them. The Texas-born songstress was spotted having lunch with a female pal at the Montage Beverly Hills Rooftop Grill on May 19, and a witness tells OK! that Selena was an emotional wreck!

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“She was bawling,” the eyewitness says. “Her whole body was trembling, and she kept covering her face with her hands and shaking her head. It looked like something really bad had happened.” And by now, everyone around the increasingly fragile singer knows that those tears are the direct result of her ex’s bad behavior.

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While Selena, 21, was breaking down in L.A., Justin, 20, was in France at the Cannes Film Festival, partying with a bevy of famous beauties, including Paris Hilton and newly single supermodel Adriana Lima. But Selena’s biggest heartbreak was yet to come, as Justin was photographed getting close to Victoria’s Secret stunner—and rumored past fling—Barbara Palvin there on May 21. Even though Justin and Selena were supposedly on a break when he took Barbara on a date following the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York City, it didn’t sit well with Selena then (she instantly shared pics of the two of them on social media with the caption “…”), and it sure doesn’t now.

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While she didn’t directly acknowledge their flirty rendezvous this time around, Selena did share a sultry selfie the same day. Looking happy and relaxed, kneeling in the surf in a tiny yellow bikini, she captioned the photo “taking my power back.” Given her relationship history and recent meltdowns, though, friends and fans have to wonder if that confident, single Selena will be short-lived.

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There are two people who still believe a reunion between the former pop power couple could actually work: Selena’s paternal grandparents, Ricardo and Mary Gomez, who got to know Justin during the young couple’s visits to their bungalow home in Grand Prairie, Texas, and gave OK! the details in an exclusive interview. “He was a nice little fella, totally different from what he is right now,” says Ricardo, describing how Justin and his granddaughter would lounge around on their living room rug for hours, playing computer games and enjoying Mary’s Mexican cooking. “Lately, we are upset about his behavior,” Ricardo continues. “He’s been getting in trouble a lot, and we blame it on the people he hangs around. His friends are bad influences. Selena even told us that she didn’t want to be with him because he was getting into drugs.”

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That doesn’t mean Selena has moved on—or that everyone necessarily wants her to. Ricardo claims that the stars’ agents encourage Selena to stick by her troubled love: “They say Selena is a good influence on him and that she’s the one thing that will help him control himself.” Asked if he agrees with the handlers, Ricardo maintains that he just wants Selena to be happy: “I think she loves him. If he were to eventually propose… I don’t know. We’d be happy, because she’s happy with him.”

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Still, a reconciliation may be more unlikely than Ricardo and Mary think. “Justin was the love of her life, and Selena wants to believe that they’ll get back together,” says a source, adding that reports of him dating other girls are driving Selena to depression. “She feels like no one understands what she’s going through and is dealing with her heartache in the worst way possible—alone.”

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