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For Real, Did You Know Scarlett Johansson Has a Twin?

It’s not even spring, so you can’t say we’re calling April Fools. We obviously know that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and Tia and Tamera Mowry are twinnies, but there are some other celebs out there that are #twinning, too. The names will probably shock you, because, like, how could all you pop culture lovers not know this.

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Ready for the first shocker. Scarlett Johansson, easily one of the hottest leading ladies in H-Wood at this very moment, has a brother who is, in fact, her twin. How do we know this? Your Tango did their research and presented us with Hunter—that’s ScarJo’s bro, if you didn’t know. The site reports that he was actually in a movie with the star beauty. We love when siblings work together. Can we get a shout out to the Wilson bros?

But there are a ton more! Click here to find out more from Your Tango!

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