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Miley Cyrus Can Say What She Wants To

So what if Miley Cyrus is only 16? She says she’s found her voice as a musician and it shows on her new EP, The Times of Our Lives. “I think I’ve been able to give myself more say. I think at first I was a little more afraid of what I could and what I could not say,”  the singer and actress told the Associated Press prior to her performance at the VH1 Divas concert last night in NYC.
Not only has Miley grown as a musician, she says she’s grown as a woman as well.

“I think about it any time I write a song. I’m like, “Why can’t I say that? Why can’t you say what you feel?” asks Miley. “There shouldn’t be an age or a certain kind of cookie-cutter way of doing things. You can say what you want to. It’s about being an artist. That’s what an artist is.”