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We’re seriously bummed tonight already marks the winter finale of Ravenswood, but from what we hear, the cliffhanger packs a serious punch. OK! chatted with Tyler Blackburn and Nicole Gale Anderson last month in an attempt to eek out any info we could on what’s up next from the tight-lipped stars. Let’s just say they reveal a tiny nugget of information that has us wishing it was already 9 PM.

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OK!: The season is almost over! So what’s your favorite memory being on set?
Nicole Gale Anderson: I think in episode six Merritt (Patterson) and I had a lot of scenes together for that episode and we got to spend the whole entire day together which was a lot of fun for us. I was planning my trip to Mexico so she was helping me pick out bathing suits on line. It was like a girls’ day. It was fun.

OK!: If you could ask the writers to write anything into your character, what would you love to see happen?
NGA: I would love for her to be able to come back to life. It would make my acting a lot easier, too, because then I could actually do things in scenes instead of having my hands just awkwardly hanging by my legs.

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OK!: How far ahead do the writers give you as far as your storyline?
NGA: We don’t know anything!
Tyler Blackburn: We know about a day or two before we start filming the episode.
NGA: They keep things under lock and key. But that makes it kind of exciting. Whenever I get a new script I want to hurry up and sit down and read what happens next and where our characters are going.
TB: Truly the actors are the last people to know because they would sometimes have scripts in the hair and makeup trailer that the hair and makeup team would be reading and we’d be like, “Wait, what happens?”
NGA: We’re not trying to get anyone in trouble!

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OK!: Do they get that so they can plan?
NGA: It’s so they can plan ahead in case they need prosthetics ordered and shipped—they need to have time for that. And with the flashback stuff they needed to pull certain wardrobe pieces they normally wouldn’t have to, which they got from Django Unchained which I thought was pretty cool. They got my dresses from the Django closet!

OK!: We know Caleb and Miranda crossed paths in another life, but is it possible we’ll see them cross paths again in another era?
NGA: Oh my gosh—I don’t know! That would be really cool!
TB: I think that could very well be a storyline. Season seven!
NGA: The season finale leaves off on a really awesome cliffhanger that involves the original Caleb.

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OK!: Modern Caleb, Original Caleb—you’re never going to have a day off, are you?
TB: Nope!

Catch the Ravenswood winter finale tonight at 9/8c on ABC Family.

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