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Oscar De La Hoya Defends Alec Baldwin's Airline Snafu

Although Alec Baldwin was told by an American Airlines flight attendant to turn off his iPad while playing Words With Friends on Tuesday and then later kicked off, fellow first class passenger Oscar De La Hoya is coming to the actor's defense.

The retired boxer told Access Hollywood is was much ado about nothing. "There wasn't no slamming of doors or nothing like that. I mean, it was, I think, blown out of proportion. I don't know him very well but he seemed like a good guy. He wanted to pay his words game! I mean, that's all he wanted to do!"
Taking to Twitter, Alec's rep Matthew Hiltzik wrote, "hey @AMERICAN_ANN: How come ok 4 other 1st class passengers 2 tweet while @alecbaldwin asked to leave while using his device? #hypocrisy… 1st clss passngers can tweet, but @alecbaldwin asked to leave?"
After the incident, Alec deactivated his account but not before getting in the last word. The 30 Rock star tweeted a photo and added a simple caption: "Let Alec play."