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Pippa Middleton Will Ride Her Bike Across the U.S., Plus More Celeb News!

pippa middleton royal wedding


Rise and shine, pop culture fans! Rub your eyes, get to stretchin’, and pour yourself a hot cup of coffee because it’s time to start your day off right with a little OK! Wake Up Call. It’s better than the blaring ring from your alarm clock, right?

Here are some things to know today:

What’s this?! Pippa Middleton will ride her bike across the United States? (People)

This is good news! Ashlee Simpson says her bridesmaid dress for her sister’s wedding is “really beautiful.” (Us Weekly)

We all get the jitters! Kerry Washington admits she was nervous to return to the media scene after having her baby. (E!)

Oprah will be starring in the movie she’s producing! (PopSugar)

Grumpy Cat is getting her own Christmas Lifetime movie. No, but really. (Vulture)

Calling all Disney fans! There is a Lion King TV series spin-off in the works. (Entertainment Weekly)

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