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Ready, Set, Reddit: Monday, June 24th

Here's the he best stuff on the front page of the internet today: 

–Today's Awesome AMA: Ellen Page r/iAmA] 

–Do NOT bang on the glass [r/funny]

–How car safety has improved since 1959 [r/videos]

–Hilarious outtake from 'The Master': [r/movies]

–Holy Moly. Clouds in Nebraska [r/pics]

–Not the best hotel room view, but it'll do [r/pics

–Kitten's first time outside [r/aww]

–Tired kitty [r/aww]

–Bathroom with a view [r/pics]

–Hedgehog love guac as much as the next person [r/aww]

–Well this is a really pretty bird [r/pics]

–Coolest Grandma Ever [r/pics]


What's your favorite? Did I miss anything? Share in the comments or tweet us @OKMagazine.

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