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Red Carpet Confidential: How Nikki Reed's Husband Paul McDonald Helped Her Get Over Her Fears

Nikki Reed shakes hands with record-breaking swimmer Diana Nyad during her 48-hour continuous Swim For Relief presented by P&G brands Duracell, Tide and Secret to benefit AmeriCares held at Herald Square in NYC.

Like celebs including Ryan Lochte, Joe Manganiello, Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola, Richard Simmons, Robin Roberts and Lara Spencer, soon Nikki, 25, will dive in to swim a few laps herself.

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What’s the most fearless thing she’s done with husband Paul McDonald?

“The most fearless thing we’ve done together is putting out a record,” the Twilight star tells me. “I was absolutely terrified of singing. I mean, my parents had never heard me sing. I wouldn’t sing at a family get together—like, ‘Happy Birthday’—so it took Paul taking me aside and saying ‘this is something you should explore, you should really nurture this side of yourself, trust me, I’ll be here for you, I’ll catch you if you fall.’ Now we’re singing sometimes for 5,000 people at a time. That feels pretty fearless for me.”

Supporting each other’s career aspirations is one reason they make a great couple.

“We balance each other out in a way that’s unable to be explained,” she says. “Certain personalities lock in, and to be with someone who does what I do, and then to be someone who does what he does, I think there’s a specific combination there, because it’s difficult being with an actress, going off, making movies, and being with a musician, and girls are screaming in the audience.”

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She continues, “That’s what you hope for, right? That means the more successful he is, the more people love him. You have to be with someone who wants that for you as much as you do. He’s so encouraging in my work and my goals and vice versa.”

The couple, who celebrated their second anniversary last week, expect to release a full-length album to follow up their 2012 EP The Best Part.

Here’s my pic with Nikki before she went for a swim:


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The Swim For Relief brought in $106, 316 for AmeriCares to donate to Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts. What do you think of Nikki and Paul making music together? Tweet us @OKMagazine.