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Rob Kardashian Has Kim's Back: "We Support Anything My Sister Deals With"

Last night after Rob Kardashian dazzled on Dancing With the Stars, he spoke to reporters backstage and didn't shy away from the fact that big sis Kim Kardashian filed for divorce earlier in the day. In fact, he dealt with it head on!


Rob told OK! they support Kim no matter what. "Obviously, everything is very tough in my family, you know, but we are here to support her whatever decisions she makes." 
In addition, he told reporters, "Obviously, everybody is not in a really good mood, but we support anything my sister deals with and that's all we can do."
The tight family showed their support for Rob, too during the rough day as Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick and baby Mason were in the crowd to cheer him on, costumes and all. In fact, Mason was even clapping for his Uncle Rob! 
Rob told OK!, "I know, he was so cute. It was his first time here….He didn't recognize me at first when I had a mustache on, but it was definitely fun and I was happy for him to be here." He added, "Mason is the best and now he is trick-or-treating."
Reporting by Gena Oppenheim