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SATC Star Chris Noth Reveals He Had Lose Weight To Play Mr. Big

Apparently it took more than a super suave ‘tude, a gorgeous face, and a witty personally to play Mr. Big. What else did Chris Noth need to do to snag is signature role in the Sex and the City movie? He had to lose a couple of lbs. According to what the actor told Huffington Post Live during a sit-down interview, the director of the film told him he had to lose a little belly weight.


In the interview with the news outlet, Chris said, “When we were doing the movie of Sex and the City, Michael Patrick King came up to me and said, ‘Listen, dude, we’re not calling you Mr. Big because of the size of your stomach, so go lose that before we start shooting.'”

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We’re assuming he lost it if he was cast. Actually, Chris told Us Weekly that he went through an intense cleansing process.

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