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The Secret of Padma's Perfect Gams

Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi may be pregnant with her first child, but that don’t think the sultry foodie will abandon the workouts needed to maintain her long, shapely legs.

I know it sounds boring, but when you’re in my line of work,” she says of her face-stuffing job with the Bravo competition, “you need every minute you can get on the treadmill.

“If I get to the gym at 9am, it’s not busy, but if you get there at 10am, it is. If it’s a light day, I stay 45 minutes. If it’s a leg day, it’s more like two hours. I do squats, I do lunges — I work every part of my body below my belly button.”

Another dress-size-dropping trick? During the show’s hiatus Padma tells the New York Times she ditches booze, red meat, candy and cheese to squeeze into her form-fitting outfits.

The 39-year-old confirmed Oct. 1 that she was expecting a baby, although she’s keeping mum on the father’s identity.