Why did Rihanna talk about Jenelle Evans?! Which Teen Mom star is writing a tell-all book now? All those questions and more are answered in this week’s Teen Mom news roundup.

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Rihanna talking about Jenelle Evans on Facebook? What has the world come to? To promote her upcoming tour with Eminem, Rihanna posted a clip from that infamous episode of Teen Mom 2 where Jenelle tells Dustin she can’t go to jail because she has tickets to a Ke$ha concert. It is actually HILARIOUS, mainly because like, who knew RiRi was a fan of the show, you know?

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Also, in other Jenelle Evans headlines, Jenelle tweeted cryptic tweets about a major gift that Nathan purchased for her. We know it has four wheels and goes in the driveaway, but is it a car? A motorcycle? A toy car for their soon-to-be-born little boy, Kaiser? Time will tell.