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Why Miley's New Hobby Has Friends and Family Worried

Miley Cyrus


Is Miley Cyrus becoming a crazy craft lady? Once the European leg of her Bangerz tour ended on June 22, the singer immediately holed up at home, devoting her entire hiatus to creating bizarre art projects.

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Miley Cyrus crafts

Miley debuted
 her homemade sleep mask on July 8 (left) and spent the evening of July 23 looming her own hair ties. (Instagram)

“Miley has always been social, rarely spending much time at her house,” says a source. “But during her time off, she barely left! She’s been ignoring friends and family who have reached out to her, which has them concerned.” In fact, after one glance at Miley’s Instagram account, it looks as if the only time she left the house was for a trip to Michael’s! Photos reveal Miley knee-deep in glitter, pom-poms, yarn and other knickknacks that make up her psychedelic creations.

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Miley, Wayne Coyne and girlfriend Katy get tattoos for her dead pup Floyd

Katy, Wayne and Miley got matching tattoos of her dead pup Floyd. (Instagram)

While Miley’s penchant for kooky outfits and performances is firmly established by now, her recent colorful DIY trip may have been inspired by her new friend Wayne Coyne, the frontman of psychedelic band The Flaming Lips. “Wayne and his girlfriend, Katy, have become a bit of an obsession for her,” says the source. “The three of them have a weird relationship — and they spend a lot of time at her house.”

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The pals may simply be spending their nights weaving friendship bracelets, but those closest to Miley are relieved that her tour is picking back up before the trippy duo turn her into a wacky shut-in. And while Miley may stuff her suitcase with art supplies, it’s going to be much harder to loom on a bumpy tour bus than in her basement!

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