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2 Super Relaxing Stretches You Can Do at Your Desk!



The chances of you rolling out a yoga mat at work and stretching, like our friend Gisele Bundchen, are slim to none. But after working in a sedentary fashion for 8+ hours, (which is fancy talk for sitting at your desk, not moving at all, and stress eating) you need a relaxing stretch to relieve your body of all that built up tension.

So how do you give your bod a break without missing the deadline on that quarterly report? These desk stretching tips and tricks from OK!’s Bangin’ Bods celeb trainer Jay Cardiello should do the trick. Incorporate these two moves into your work week, and you’ll feel the benefits in no time!

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1. Nod Up and Down
Jay recommends standing tall and nodding up and down. “This will increase range of motion and joint mobility in the muscles and joints in and around the neck region,” explains Jay.

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2. Shoulder Circles
The first step in completing this stretch correctly is to perfect your posture. To do this, Jay says you should pretend you’re getting ice water poured down your back. Next, extend both of your arms laterally. Holding your core tight, perform 15 to 30 circles with your shoulders. Repeat this move in a backwards motion. “This will open up your shoulders and create stability around the shoulder joint region,” explains Jay.

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