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Sushi Dokoro Kirala Shares Their Secret to Albacore Tuna with Fried Onion and Garlic Ponzu

Albacore Tuna with Fried Onion + Garlic PonzuBeverly Hills hotspot Sushi Dokoro Kirala understands you may not be able to pop into their uber chic restaurant for dinner if you live in, say, Omaha (although it’s truly worth the flight), so for day two of OK!’s 30 Days of Summer Meals they offer up an exquisite recipe for their Albacore Tuna with Fried Onion and Garlic Ponzu.

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Albacore Tuna with Fried Onion and Garlic Ponzu
Serves 1-2 people

Small amount of thin sliced onion (depending on preference)
3 cloves sliced garlic
Chopped cilantro (amount depends on preference)
3 tablespoons of ponzu sauce (soy sauce can be substituted as well)
Handful of flour
2 cups of canola oil
6 pieces of thinly sliced albacore or sashimi grade tuna

For the onions:
Sprinkle flour over onions and lightly mix together. Pour a serving of canola oil into a hot cooking pan. Put small amounts of the onion mixture into hot cooking pan and lightly fry (do this in small batches to not overcook the onions). Remove onions from oil and put on paper towel to drain excess oil. Mix fried onions with the garlic and set aside.

For the albacore tuna:

Lightly brush the ponzu sauce (or soy sauce) over the sashimi grade Albacore tuna. Place the tuna on a plate with the onion and garlic mixture on top

Garnish with cilantro and serve.

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