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11 Requests for the Third Season of Girls

The third season of Girls premieres this Sunday night on HBO, and we’ve been waiting nearly a year to see what has happened to Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna, and hello? Jessa, who was missing for most of the second half of the second season.

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I checked around with the staff of, and we have just a few ideas and requests for this season. Lena Dunham, are you listening?


We want a job for Marnie, that she actually really likes and cares about (and also for Adam, Hannah, Jessa, and the rest of them, really).

She should have a confidently slutty phase. Loosen up, have some Shoshanna-style makeouts in bars, and just have fun!




The girl needs a nice, normal boyfriend. He should be a sweet teacher or some such, just anyone to underscore her total weirdness and make her feel guilty about her nihilism.


We’d like to see Hannah’s actual sessions with a therapist as she works out her issues (the trailer suggests we’ll get this!).

Love for Hannah. We know that last season ended with her relationship for Adam on the upswing, but will it last for season 3?

I want to know what Hannah thinks of “Blurred Lines.” Marnie def loves it, but where does Hannah stand?

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She’ll be graduating and should just knock it out of the park immediately. She is the most stable one of the whole group, and it’d be nice to see her not have to struggle for employment.

Less weird, unattractive hairdos for Shosh: We get it—she’s uptight, but her buns do not have to be.



In general

More Audrey Gelman! Lena Dunham’s real-life friend (and who Marnie is allegedly based on) stole the show as Charlie’s new girlfriend, and I really want to know how her mustard business is going.

More puppies. Jessa’s dog ownership was brief, but it wouldn’t hurt to see a bunch of puppies running around on screen every once in a while. Maybe they go to Tompkins Square Park to check out the doggie costumes on Halloween? Just a suggestion.

More parties! Every time there is a party some crazy fun stuff happens.

What are you hoping for on the third season of Girls? Do you agree with any of the suggestions above? Will you be watching on Sunday? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @OKMagazine.