As we celebrate Jessica Simpson‘s 33rd birthday today—that makes you feel old, doesn’t it?—we here at OK! are reliving our favorite moments of Jess when she starred on Newlyweds with her then-husband, Nick Lachey. Much has changed for both of them—both are now parents and she’s the best-selling celebrity designer of our generation, essentially—but what remains the same is that this show was the best thing to hit MTV ever. Watch and learn:

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“Remember when Jessica thought buffalo wings were actually made from buffalo? Cause I will never forget that moment.” — Haley, Entertainment Editor

“Jessica camping with Nick, Drew and Amy is hands down my favorite Newlyweds moment. Not only do I completely identify with her fear of walking through the woods in the dark, but seeing Drew scare the girls is one of the funniest moments in the show’s history.” — Ally, Editorial Intern

“This was a cute moment, especially with how it starts because we all wanted to believe they were the most in love couple ever. Having a dog added a whole new level of responsibility we knew Jess was maybe not so ready for. I very much enjoy that she knows she needs to pick up after them, but flops down with a magazine instead. ” — Lea, Video Editor

“When Jessica Simpson lamented that she was almost 23, which was almost 25, which was almost mid-20s. I thought about this as I turned 23, 25, and now as I regrettably accept that I’m in my mid-20s.” — Kaitlin, Senior Editor

Editor’s Note: This clip is nowhere to be found on YouTube but it really did happen. Swear.

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“I remember this episode where Jess and Nick were celebrating their one-year anniversary. The part at the beginning where they talk about how they didn’t have enough sex is awkward though, because now all I can think about is how that  might’ve (but most definitely not) caused their divorce.” — Haley, Entertainment Editor

“Chicken & the Sea…” — Jillian, Assistant Editor

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