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POLL: Is It OK For TV Shows To Kill Off Our Favorite Characters?

Closing Arguments

It’s pretty sad when TV producers kill off some of the characters we’ve grown to know and love, but sometimes, it’s just gotta happen. We’re still mourning the loss of James on Scandal! But here’s three TV deaths that really stood out because they were a result of the actor wanting out of the show.  But come on—did they really have to kill them?

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Lori Grimes, played by Sarah Wayne Callies, died during childbirth on season three of The Walking Dead — and then Lori’s son, Carl, shot her, preventing Lori from turning into a walker.

Matthew Welch/AMC

Matthew Welch/AMC

When Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens refused to stay past the end of season three, writers dispatched his character, Matthew Crawley, in a car accident.

PBS/Everett Collection

PBS/Everett Collection

Josh Charles did not want to continue playing lawyer Will Gardner after his Good Wife contract expired, so the writers knocked off Will in a dramatic courtroom shooting. Fans were shocked.



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